[2015 version] Choose by travelers who traveled around the world! 16 convenient apps

In fact, we have listed only the frequency of use in 2015, which is actually used by experienced people around the world. The apps that I didn't actually use because I thought I would use more are omitted. 1.Sky Scanner for the cheapest ticket search It automatically searches for the cheapest ticket. Alerts can also be set, so set it from Istanbul to Kuala Lumpur on December 10-20, and every time the cheapest price is updated, the message will fly and it is very convenient. 2. For Hostel World Hostel Search If you are a backpacker, you will often stay at the hostel. In such a case, it is easy to find including the price because the hostel world specializes in reservations for a very useful hostel. There are many hostels that are not registered in Expedia below. 3. For EXPEDIA Hotel Search If you only have a hostel, you will be tired, and sometimes you want to take a rest at the hotel, and if you want to stay at a longing hotel, EXPEDIA is a great deal and easy to use. You can find the hotel immediately from the mobile location information. 4. Booking.com Overall, the site where the most hotels/hostels are registered There are many hotels and hostels that are not listed in Hostel World or Expedia. Especially used in Central America and Bali. 5. Trip Advisor for final decision -making Even if you look at the hotel above, I want to know the word of mouth at the end. Something specific tours (diving, etc.) are very expensive, but is this trader OK? If you think, I think the most fair evaluation of Trip Advisor is listed. There is almost no memory that I felt bad when the evaluation was high in Trip Advisor. 6. Eye Fi For SLR camera This is convenient for those who have cameras such as single -lens reflex cameras other than mobile phones. With a camera, you can easily upload it to Instagram etc. by synchronizing it with your iPhone. The camera was not stolen in the second half of the trip, but I used it as it was. 7. For Go Pro Activities I think that many people are now a huge hit product for activities such as snorkeling. If you put this app, you can check the images taken before incorporating them into the PC. 8. For editing the video you took You can create a simple clip with some videos you have shot. It's really easy. It is very easy because there is no need to take in videos on a PC and work. If you do it on a moving bus, it will be a good time to kill time. 9. For those who want to interact with local people It is very safe because the host's evaluation can be confirmed in advance. In many cases, you can stay in places that are cheaper and more satisfying than the hotel. It is also a pleasure to enjoy interacting with local people who can not taste at the hotel. I used it in Portugal. 10.net Flix for killing time This was mainly YouTube when I was actually traveling, but if I use it now, it's definitely Netflix. Long -time travel flights and buses do not get bored at all. Buses such as Latin America and Turkey are often wifi, so you can enjoy videos comfortably while traveling. 11. For Kindle reading Of course, you can buy something outstanding, and you can read manga. Come on your trip I paid tens of thousands of yen with Book Scanner, scanned a lot of books (how to walk the earth, etc.) to convert them to data, but in the second half of the trip, I didn't use much, so this is the recommended degree. Is low. 12. For finding songs that you care about There are many songs that you care about when you go out at a bar or restaurant. It was surprisingly frequently used. 13. Google Map For not hesitation I often used it, so I used it in various places for navigation. A map will be displayed if you cache in a WiFi environment. Note, however, that if you use it in navigation mode, the consumption of mobile battery is intense. 14. For Drop Box backup In the event of something, I put together a backup of overseas travel insurance certificates and other Drop Boxs. If it is true, it is best to finish your trip without using it, but I will use it in the Netherlands. Extra edition 15. For Magic Sea Weed Surfer You can see the wave forecast of surf spots around the world quite accurately. 16. For Tinder Encounter I use a lot of foreign backpackers. In the first place, everyone stays at a distance to walk, so it seems that everyone will develop quickly. smile

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