[1st] What is the natural feature on a Japanese EC site, what about SHOPIFY?


Some of those who are thinking about launching an EC site in SHOPIFY or renewing existing EC sites, may be worried whether overseas platforms can be used in domestic ECs. Are you coming?

So this time, Mr. Onishi, designer,
"What is the common feature in Japanese EC platforms and EC malls in SHOPIFY?"
I would like to ask a question from the customer's perspective and the shop management's perspective from me who was working for apparel EC until I entered GORIDE!

1. Delivery time specification

When doing online shoppingSpecification of delivery timeI always use it and I'm a must, but is it possible to specify it in SHOPIFY?

Shopify has an official app store,Easy to expand the store function by installing the appThat's it.
Of course, the date and time specification is also possible by introducing the app!

for exampleOrder Delivery DatIn the app, the calendar specified by the delivery date and time can be displayed on the cart screen, so you can intuitively select the desired specified date and time.
It is good to be able to customize the calendar, so it can be designed according to the atmosphere of the shop!

2. Sale price display, time sale label

If it is a Japanese EC, the price display is at a glance at a glance at the time of sale.SHOPIFY is the first sale price after going to the check -out screen!I feel like I'm not familiar with it, but what about this?

Mainly sale at SHOPIFYDiscount codeDiscounts with coupons like coupons in Japan.
Overseas, it is common to enter this discount code (also called promo code) on the check -out screen to receive a discount or a free shipping campaign, but as Nana says, it is a system that is not easy in Japanese EC. right.

Of course, you can also sell Japanese style in SHOPIFY.

The product page has a desired selling price and a discounted field, and by entering the price here, you can check the sale price before checking out.

Product information can be exported with CSV, so you can update in a lump by entering the price and importing (overwriting)!

You can do the same with this app.
Discount Master ‑ Quantity
You can create multiple campaigns by specifying the sale time and a countdown center, with less work. It seems that multiple purchases can be made.

However, if you do not want to spend time on sale and do not want to pay the application, it is recommended that you can easily create a "discount code" and discount only specific products.

If you want to know more about salesHerePlease see the article!

How do you set the sale price display? Three settings and precautions including the Japanese style

To the app store

For another sale, you can see the target product at a glance during the time sale periodCan I wear a time sale label?

This is very important, and with EC malls, you often see images processing to attach them to the end of the product image.
Of course, it is possible because there is a corresponding app.
Product LabelsThis isApps where you can freely set your favorite labelis.
You can define the rules and set the items and out of stock from the sale label.
Since the position can be selected from multiple places, the customizability is perfect.

There aren't many platforms that can easily add such a function.
Is this function? If you look for it in the app store, you can usually find it lol

To the app store

3. Gift wrapping

If I run a shop, I want to support gifts. Can I attach the wrapping function?

This app,Infinite optionsYou can add options to the product page.
It is convenient for adding gift wrapping and remarks column.

To the app store

4. Subscription

I want to do regular purchases depending on the productI think. I want to make it a little cheaper than the regular price if I make a regular purchase.

Subscriptions in various products have become major in Japan.
You can add a subscription function by using the app!
There are several regular purchases in the SHOPIFY app store, and these two are popular.
BOLD SUBScription
Subscriptions by Recharge

In each case, you can set the customization and delivery period, the customer can change the delivery period, the number of items, and cancel.
At present, it is necessary to use the payment screen provided by the app instead of SHOPIFY, and the number of payment providers is overwhelmingly Bold.

See the app
See the app

Postscript in February 2021:
SHOPIFY released a subscription API in 2020. Go Ride has developed a SHOPIFY sub -school app that supports Japanese full.
See the following article for details about the app.
We have developed the SHOPIFY sub -school app "GO SUBSCRIDE"!

5. Volume discount

If you buy it all at once, what percentage of volume discounts can be made?
I think it would be nice to be able to buy not only in bulk of 1SKU but also in bulk purchases like the target products.

For example, if you buy an outer -tops and buy a 10%OFF or a coffee bean set, it's 20%OFF.

The discount at the bulk purchase was a question of the discount codeDiscount Master ‑ QuantityBut I can do it
VOLUME & TIERED DISCOUNTSWhen I tried using it, it was very intuitive and easy to use.

To the app store
To the app store

However, if you want to discount on the outer -tops, to the SHOPIFY discount codeBUY X GET YI recommend using it.

What is BUY X GET Y?

It's a discount like "If you buy this product, this product is discounted!

If "If you buy two outerwear and tops in bulk, the tops are 50%OFF"
Outer 15,000 yen
Tops 5,000 yen
20,000 Yen It will be 17,500 yen.

I see! thank you!

I still want to ask, but it will be long, soSecond editionContinue!
SHOPIFY is convenient because you can easily add only the function you want in the app.

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