You can now set shipping costs for each product with the delivery profile!

by Tomoe Onishi
You can set shipping costs for each product with the new features of SHOPIFY released in October 2019 (although it is not very familiar)! Until now, I managed to set up an app or set the shipping settings based on weight -based shipping, but with this update, it is now possible to set individual shipping, and it is a large size product. Isn't the store's worries that deal with? For details on the delivery profileShopify Official Help CenterPlease refer to this.

What have you been able to do?

Since the shipping fee can be set for each product, it is now possible to set the product that is large and large and generates a separate shipping fee. It is possible to select the product and make multiple shipping groups, and set different shipping costs for each.

How do you set it?

We will introduce how to set up a large suitcase at an apparel store that handles clothing and ornaments as an example.
Shipping rules The normal shipping fee is 600 yen for shipping Free shipping on purchases over 10,000 yen (excluding suitcases) In addition to suitcases, 1,000 yen per mail
New from the delivery settingsDelivery profileCreate a. Select the target product with the delivery profile name,Add postageClick the button. This time, the shipping fee is set in one suitcase, so we will add the weight (5 kg per piece) to the rules. In this example, up to 5 pieces, it is necessary to add 10 or 15 rules to assume multiple simultaneous purchases. It is the weight of the product mentioned earlier, but the product you want to set individually needs to enter the weight on the product management screen, so let's set it in advance. That's all for the settings. Since the total price is 10,000 yen, it will be free shipping if only normal product is only, but 2,000 yen for 2 suitcases with separate shipping costs are properly added.
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