What is the company with a lot of sales at the cross -border EC in Japan?


2023 Aglae EC with many sales

In this article, we have summarized a company with a lot of sales at the cross -border EC in Japan.

Amazon (Amazon)

The first is an EC mall from the United States. Speaking of Amazon's features, the world's largest EC mall is the world's largest, with the convenience of logistics. Amazon isIt is called a marketplace EC mall.

Another feature is the "Amazon Prime" service that allows you to receive various benefits by paying 500 yen per month. The next day's delivery service called a hurry service or "Amazon Prime Video"Because of the good service that allows you to use the streaming and rental service of a flat -rate video on demandIt is also a factor in accelerating the use of Amazon.


EBAY is also an EC mall from the United States. The difference from Amazon is that the seller can exhibit their products, and the applicant can purchase products at a bid or prompt decision price.

Purchase applicants will bid, and eventually the highest bidder will win the product. Also, if you have a prompt decision price, you can purchase the product immediately.

Qoo10 (Cuten)

Qoo10 is an EC mall that has been under the umbrella of EBAY in 2018. The most common users in their 20s are popular, and cosmetics, clothes, and home appliances are popular, mainly in Korea and China. Many product prices are cheap. It is characterized by a large -scale sales event called "mega discount", which is held about four times a year, and at that time, SNS will post videos and posts on product introductions to be purchased by mega discount one after another.


Opened since 2010,It is an EC mall operated by Alibaba Group in China.It is one of the world's most smartphone shopping apps downloaded.

It is possible to purchase cheaper than Japanese EC sites, but it takes time to arrive, the payment method is only credit cards and debit cards, and troubles between sellers and buyers occur. , You have to solve it yourself. Even if you subtract it, it is very attractive to be able to purchase cheaper than Amazon and Rakuten.



The cross -border EC that started with a domestic flea market app and advanced within the United States and China.In 2022, the yen depreciated and the dollar height also became a tailwind, and Japan's first cross -border ECThis is a success example.

Also, from around April 2023We have announced a partnership with four new cross -border EC operators to expand sales channels for cross -border ECs for the Chinese market.

It has been announced that the number of overseas users has increased by about 2.8 times over the same month and the number of transactions has increased by about 3.2 times, and the number of overseas users will continue to accelerate in the future.



It is opened in China and is currently headquartered in Singapore. Although it is specialized for online without having a store, it has become so popular that it opens a real store in Japan for a limited time from 2022.

The feature is that the product is cheap and the product arrival cycle is fast. In addition, there are hundreds of designers who have hundreds of designers, Shein X (Shain X), and have a support program for young designers for young designers. It is not a feature.

Go Ride

Go Ride is a digital creative house that supports EC businesses at Yokohama and LA as SHOPIFY official "SHOPIFY PLUS PARTNER".


One -stop offered from EC construction to advertising operation.