What is copywriting? Complete guide for beginners

by Marina Fujihara

You who are starting to write copywriting now! In the first place, do you understand what "copywriting" is?

Copywriting is "science of words that stimulate consumers' willingness to buy." In order to sell products and services, you have to consider the psychology of consumers to see what words are interested and willing to buy. Therefore, it is fundamentally different from blogs that are intended to convey the story.

Then, I will introduce you in this article quickly where you are using copywriting and how to write!

1. Where is copywriting used?

First, let's consider how copywriting is used specifically.

[PPC advertisement]Perhaps this is the most common thing right now? Google ADS, Facebook Ads, Yahoo! Listing ads, LINE advertisements, etc. Such a copy of advertising must be short and attractive. You often use two different copies and make AB tests, such as which ads have a higher conversion.

[Landing page]In the LP, you will write a relatively long sentence. Among them, how to accurately convey the charm of the product to consumers and stimulate the willingness to buy is the appearance of the copywriter's skill. In addition, writing a good landing page will lead to SEO improvement.

[E -mail]What do you need to get your email in a overflowing email box? Yes, it's a good copywriting. First, the title must be easy to understand. In addition, the first sentence is the key to the success of the campaign. Copywriting is also used for SNS. Write a compelling and interested copy in the text or images. Also, consistency on SNS is also important.

[Product page]Even if customers come to the product page, sales will change dramatically depending on the quality of the copy written there.

2. Tips for copywriting improvement

Let's do special training for copywriting improvement! Here are the following four points.

  • Understand product and services
  • Understand the market
  • Know the appropriate keyword
  • What is a "good" copy?

✔ Understand product and services

If you want someone to buy your product, it's important to first understand the product thoroughly. No matter what your product is or where you put it, this is Step1 when writing copywriting. If you don't know what the product is better than others, you can't tell it to your customer.

To clarify this first, let's transcribe the following three questions! Each answer is good when it is simply summarized in a few sentences. I would like to practice the Ship & Co, the shipment management system, which was previously featured in Go Ride News.

1. What kind of product is it?
First, let's explain the product directly.

2. What are the characteristics of the product?
Please list the characteristics of your product not found in other products. This is also a simple answer.

3. What is the profit obtained from that product?
This point is very important when you understand the product. What does it not only improve the goodness of the product, but also get the customer? Let's think.

Once you understand the product, proceed to the next step.

✔ Understand the market

It's STEP2. Know deeply about who you are trying to sell the product. This is important because the value, expectations and needs you are looking for vary from person to person. There are three things to search for.

  • Who will be the customer?
  • What do customers are looking for when they are looking for?
  • What do customers like your product?

I also wrote this with SHIP & CO as an example!

✔ Know the appropriate keyword

Once you have a deeper understanding of products and customer, let's look at the keywords suitable for that product.

It is free tools that are useful for keyword researchGoogle Trends, Google Keyword PlannerAnd so on. Google Trends is introduced in the previous article, so if you haven't read it yetme tooCheck it out! If it is paid,AhrefsI recommend a tool like this.

Use such keyword search tools to find out what keywords are searching for their products.

for example,

Suppose my product is a desk chair where your posture is less likely to worsen. When I checked it with Google Keyword Planner, I found that there were a certain number of people searching for "desk chairs". Based on this, we will incorporate these three words in the LP of this product!

Such a keyword re -search method can be considered.
It is a good idea to compare this keyword in various patterns. Then find the best keywords that match your products.

✔ What is a "good copy"?

Once you've finished your research, let's start writing work! Good research is a shortcut to good copy! Please pay special attention to the following five points.

  • Originality: The Internet is full of similar advertising complaints. Be careful not to be one of the flocks.
  • Persuasiveness: The recommended configuration is to write in the order of the final value that customers have obtained → benefits → product features.
  • Installation of CTA: Let's set up a CTA to guide customers as it is. It is also important to change the button style and text and do an A/B test.
  • Simple & casual: Depending on the product, basically avoid copying too messy or overkill.
  • Communicate the value of the product firmly: Of course, don't forget to convey the goodness of your product firmly and accurately!

Finally, as expected! Here are some examples of copywriting. Just recently released iPhoneSE pageis. With a friendly tone overall, it is familiar. I just read it down and wanted to buy it. (Sweat)

3. Summary

Copywriting is not easy. However, if you learn the tips and practice, it should be improved! I will also introduce recommended books here.

The Copy Writing -The Law of Words that touches the heart of the heart/John Caprs (author)

Sales writer of the United States Teaching 10 times the text of the person who sells/Joseph Sugarman (author)

Sales Writing Handbook From Writing "Selling" Copy to Work/Robert W. Bry (Author)

Let's improve copywriting and increase sales!

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