"U.S. Instagram Marketing Latest Trend" and "Tips for Successful Influencer Marketing"


With the spread of SNS, there are so many companies that carry out influencer marketing in recent years. Especially this theme,Instagram influencer marketing is a very compatible marketing method with fashion, cosmetics, gourmet, travel, etc., because photos can be visually appealed to audiences.

Fashion -resistant Instagrammer followers can also assume that they are also interested in fashion. in short,Collaboration with Instagrammer, which already has many followers in certain fields, allows prospects to be the shortest approach.

This is a very effective marketing method for those who are thinking of developing their own products at the cross -border EC!

Today, we asked GO RIDE marketer Anna and SARA, which are actually influencer marketing, how to collaborate with the Instagram trend in US and the influencer.

1. Current Instagram Marketing trends in us

What is the trend of Instagram Marketing now in US?
What kind of posts are popular again?

The most trendPhoto of IRL (in Real Life)is. Videos have become increasingly popular these days. The quality of the content is of course important, but users do not like too much retouching photos or too attractive "perfect worlds" photos. Natural light, popular trend spots, real users, many "LIVE" video content -These are what marketing staff should aim for.

In Japan, the "liking number" has been no longer seen, but the United States is it too.

The hidden number of likes has begun in Japan for a while, and it is almost hidden in the United States.

Engagement is a very spicy topic.
Instagram's algorithms continue to change, and posts continue to be hidden from followers. The number of likes is no longer a point to focus. Now, for engagement, the number of comments on the post is all.

If you are in charge of marketing, carefully select a 100-150 account and follow up.
Let's give a natural post without giving a sense of advertising. And find out what you are moved to, the expressions that fit your brand image, audience, and content.
Then, let's tag the followed brands in the story and comment on them aggressively. You may want to discuss what is really influential.

SNS is now about to return to its original form. It is a time when real people share real photos and express their real opinions!

2. How to acquire instagram followers

I think ANNA and SARA are always doing a lot of things to acquire followers, but please tell me what you are careful about and the secrets of increasing followers!

That's a good question!
But there is no magic recipe to acquire followers.

That's right

You need a lot of daily work and a set of tools.
It looks like this every day.

What Anna & Sara always does

  1. Create content that seems to love audiences
  2. A regularly post (post 2 posts a day, 4 stories)
  3. Collaborate with the influencer
  4. Distribute samples to influencers
  5. Promotion of accounts on different channels
    (Offline, Google Ads)

The most important thing isDo not touch the automatic follower acquisition tool!about it.
You will have a risk of your account. Even if you are fortunate to be lucky, it will be difficult for a large number of followers to get a real audience without a sales or engagement.

3. Influencer approach method

I think there are so many people called Influencer, but alwaysHow do you choose the perfect Influencer?teach me please!

We use some tools to find influencers related to brands (whether they have a brand product purchase history or whether or not they follow the brand on SNS).
It is important to be a natural content, so I already know the promotional products and always work with the people who really like them.

We use some other tools to check the influencer audience, and determine the influencers collaborating with products and campaigns.

Expect the most important engagement rather than the number of followers of influencers!
By using the marketing tool, you can check if the influencer has an active follower.
Other than that, check how the influencer is communicating and communicating in the comments section to know if the influencer is trusted by the audience and whether it is affected by the real thing. can do.

Collaboration with influencers is similar to the HR recruitment process.
Each project has a different taste, so we always work with a new influencer, but there are many really wonderful influencers. Everyone is a wonderful person who has made a lot of effort and is very responsible.

4. Influencer Marketing The moment of success!

Finally, we have succeeded in influencer marketing so far! Please tell me the moment you think.

When working with the influencer, there are many happy moments!
When the influencers are very looking forward to developing their original ideas and collaborating. Also, when I received the content that was completed for confirmation, and the small steps I did so far were finished in a wonderful content. And, of course, when the content is posted and receiving a lot of "New Followers".

But to measure the real success, you have to check the sales report and analytics!
Brand recognition is important, but it is the most nice moment when every company wants to increase sales and sales are rising. "The love for the promotional product has spread all over the world :).

Thank you so much you guys!

Finally, I will introduce the accounts of INFLUENCER who appeared in today's article! Everyone is a wonderful account, so please check it out :)

STEVEDJLA https://www.instagram.com/stevedjla/

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