John John Florence controls 2016ct! What is that humble personality?

John John, who has won the CT tour championship this year for the final pipe, has won the battle in Super Tubo. The world was paying attention to turns and aerials that are going out of overwhelming speeds, and their creative and stylish surfing. Surf the pipeline at the age of 8 18 years old and won the Pipe Master 23 years old EDDI AIKAU championship I finally won the world tour at the age of 24
Looking at his interviews, it is surprisingly humble .......... I was actually watching an interview when he won in France in 2014, but anyway "I am grateful to my mother and my family, and thanks to my fans and sponsors for being able to train in the best environment." I was quietly talking. If you were raised as a prodigy from a young age, and if you were young as the world's top surfer at a young age, I think that ordinary people will definitely come out of the part that will become a honest tengu, but John John is like that. There is no atmosphere.
This is an aside, but I happened to surf at Hosego and came across the same atmosphere of Kanoa Igarashi. Kanoa dropped in to the wave that was takes off deeper than Kanoa, but Leopio Valenti pointed out to Kanoa, and Kanoa apologized and shake me carefully. Thanks to that wonderful act, I was able to surf happily afterwards. He was young in France, full of talents and top surfers, but became a fan of John John and Kanoa's wonderful attitude to remember their respect for others. I want to emulate these humble attitudes.

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