GO Ride New Coronavirus infection support support

by Miho Kumagai
With the expansion of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19), I thought that the world would be able to help each other as the world needed to help each other. Above all, we hope all the teams to protect as many lives as possible and to end as soon as possible.

Go Ride support measures

A new SHOPIFY store construction cost of 5 % in April 2020 will be donated to medical institutions as supplies such as masks and disinfectants.
If you are interested in it,HerePlease contact us. We accept free consultation at LA and Yokohama at the online meeting. When donating is completed, we will report again.

Why do you do

At present, we have learned through SNS that medical practice is a serious state in which medical equipment, including masks and protective clothing, is lacking. Go Ride would like to support medical workers with a little effort, so this time we decided to donate medical equipment to the hospital. We look forward to hearing from companies that can agree.

Go Ride representative Hirashima Toyo

Other Go Ride initiatives

Both LA and Yokohama have shifted to remote work since mid -February to prevent infection. We are basically an online meeting with the client, so I would be grateful if you could understand. We continue to recruit activities. This is also an online interview welcomeWantedlyPlease contact us by all means.

Shopify official support measures

We have published resources useful for business management to business owners who have already operated SHOPIFY and those who are going to start.

Correspondence to new colon virus infections (COVID-19)

① Gift cards are available with all plans ② Local collection / delivery ③ $ 200 million for financing of small and medium-sized enterprises $ 200 million ④ Free trial 14 days → 90 days So please refer to it. https://www.shopify.jp/blog/topics/covid-19
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