How to withdraw and cancel in the sub -skop?


In recent years, the sub -school business has grown rapidly in various industries due to the development of the Internet and the change in consumer consciousness, and the EC sub -school is one of them.

However, the sub -school business has the challenge of canceling and withdrawing users.

If a user who uses its subscriber EC leaks to competitors, the probability of a sub -ski business will fail.

In this article, we will explain the benefits and methods of preventing cancellation, and why you will cancel by focusing on the sub -skop EC.

To prevent the withdrawal and cancellation of the sub -suku

Although it is a sub -school EC that is now becoming more familiar to users, if you do not take any measures after providing the service, the user will leave and the profit will not increase as expected.

In order for users to leave, it is necessary to take measures to prevent cancellation as follows.

Predict potential cancellation based on data

Generally, users with low usage and downgrades of sub -skops tend to cancel the sub -skop more than other users.

In order to efficiently take measures to prevent cancellation, it is a good idea to use a predictive machine learning (ML) model to detect users with a high cancellation rate.

The predictive machine learning model is a system that analyzes conversion rates based on user usage and background information, and predicts users with high risk.

After detecting a user with a high risk of cancellation, communicate with the user and resolve the questions and dissatisfaction that users have when using their subscriber EC.

Communicate functions that are not used by products and services

Some users who are considering cancellation do not know or misunderstand the functions of the Subsque EC.

In order not to be canceled without knowing the function, it is a good idea to introduce it as "there is such a useful function."

For example, there is a way to remind users by preparing a service introduction page for users to "skip the next delivery date".

Also, it is important to optimize the amount and plan of the service, as the users may find it difficult to use if there are too many functions.

For your reference, the apps developed by our company also have a skip function.

The next skip button will be displayed on the customer account page.

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Present the value of products and services

In general, there are many opportunities to communicate the value of services to new users, but there are few opportunities to communicate existing users.

If you have less opportunities to convey the value, you may want to cancel the sub -skull EC, so use it regularly to existing users.

It is effective to present the value that users who use this subscriber EC, such as "this is the best deal in this year", are said to be a sense of users who use regular purchases of their products and services.

Make it available to families and couples in addition to individuals

Some of the Subsque ECs can be used with multiple accounts such as "couple plan" and "family plan".

Preparing a plan that can be used by multiple people will increase the probability of preventing sub -skopes and withdrawal.

Assuming the user's situation that it is difficult to cancel without the consent of everyone with a couple or parent and child, the cancellation rate may be lower than the personal plan.

Of course, it is important not to interfere with cancellation, but it is also important to create a mechanism that is difficult to cancel in this way.

Communicate the revoking of the benefits

It is also effective to prevent cancellation, such as discounts and points, and keeping the cancellation remorse.

It will tell you that the points you have accumulated will expire when you cancel, and promote the continuation of use.

In addition, it is possible to prevent cancellation by providing specific points and discounts that will be received in the future.

When telling the benefit of the benefit, it is a good idea to specifically introduce the services that can be used using benefits and increase users' willingness to buy.

This method is also effective when guiding to a holiday instead of unsubscribing.

Understand the voice of the user

One of the major causes of cancellation is dissatisfaction with the service content.

Therefore, it is necessary to always understand the user's dissatisfaction and requests and improve the service content.

Check from the user's point of view whether the UI or operability is poor or the payment procedure is complicated.

Previous the services to be provided

Guiding the services that will be provided in the future to the user in advance is also effective in preventing cancellation.

Introducing specific services will increase the possibility that users want to continue contracting.

For example, let's give a service notice that you would like to continue your contract from a user perspective, such as "10 % OFF of the target product from next week + free shipping campaign" or "The lineup of products from spring is renewed".

To be able to handle life events

Some users cancel the subscriber because of life events such as marriage, moving, and hospitalization. By responding flexibly to these user's life events, service growth can be expected.

For example, it is important to express your congratulations to users when canceling due to life events such as employment or marriage.

In fact, some users who received the congratulations seem to have stopped canceling because of this response.

Therefore, do not forget the generous response to users.

On the other hand, you may have a new contract with a life event, so it is a good idea to find out which life event your Subsque EC is related to.

By grasping specific strengths and weaknesses, we can use the ideas for improving services and development.

Guide a solution for the reason for cancellation

One way to prevent cancellation, there is a method of hearing the solution by hearing the user's reasons for cancellation.

In the case of Subsque EC, there will be reasons such as "the product that arrived did not fit" or "the product was not used up more than expected".

If it is difficult to hear specifically, it is necessary to devise a "common question page" or "page that introduces the reasons for cancellation" to resolve users' concerns and questions.

The GOSUB app displays a questionnaire at the time of cancellation and hears the reason for cancellation.

It is also possible to fill in the reason for cancellation.

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Reason for the main cancellation of the customer

To prevent cancellation effectively, you need to first know the reasons for cancellation of the user.

Think from the user's point of view and consider measures according to the content.


If the service is high, the user will consider cancellation of the subscriber.

In addition, even if the content of the service is scarce or the value is not felt, the user will judge that the fee is high.

Therefore, it is necessary to diversify plans like pine, bamboo, and plums.

By providing both expensive and reasonable plans, you can provide services according to the needs of users.

In addition, changing the price and convincing the user can be dissatisfied.

However, it is important to pay attention to the timing, as it is possible that the existing users may be dissatisfied if they are easily lowered.

I can't feel the goodness and effects of products and services

One of the most easy -to -understand reasons for cancellation of the sub -school is that the service is not felt good.

Therefore, it is necessary to regularly communicate with the user and introduce the effective usage and attractive contents of the product, saying, "By using this sub -skook EC, users can do this." Sho.

However, it is not wise to spend time to stop the user outside the company.

For example, in the sub -skook EC that sells organic products, working on users who do not know the goodness of organic or not interested can lead to waste of time and cost.

It is important to make sure that the cancellation user is a target layer.

There will be surplus products

As mentioned earlier, the user may consider cancellation of the sub -school.

It is a reason why many people are often used for regular purchases with expiration date and expiration date.

In order to avoid leaving the product, it should be used to use an effective way to use it, and take measures such as establishing a temporarily suspension system.

Although you want to temporarily stop the delivery of the product, if there is no other means other than the cancellation, the user may cancel it despite the intention of continuing. It is not easy to contract a user who has been canceled once again, so it is important to connect with a temporarily pause.

It is also a good idea to extend the delivery period, reduce the amount of products, and implement a function that can adjust the delivery pace.

Do not prevent excessive withdrawal and cancellation

Excessive cancellation measures can cause users to hate.

In the worst case, there is a risk of violating the law, so be careful of the following points and prevent cancellation.

Make your customers take time when canceling customers

Don't complicate the cancellation procedure just because you want to prevent cancellation.

In recent years, troubles such as "I did not want to cancel" and "I do not know how to cancel and I can not contact the inquiry" has been regarded as a problem.

It is also very troublesome for users to accept cancellations only by phone or if you can not cancel without entering a few hundred characters for cancellation.

These troublesome cancellation procedures will reduce their reputation, and even if they have the opportunity in the future, they will make users think again.

Be sure to make sure the procedure is easy to understand, as you may be reported to the Consumer Center and the Consumer Affairs Agency may be recognized as a vicious trader.

Follow the Specified Commercial Transactions Law

On June 1, 2022, the revised Specified Commercial Transactions Law was enforced, and regulations on the subscription commercial law were imposed.

Businesses that operate the subcus service must follow this specific commercial trading law.

Specifically, it is required to display the following six items on the last screen that applies for the sub -sko.

  • Selling price
  • Payment time and method
  • Delivery and provision time
  • Application period
  • Cancellation and cancellation conditions and methods
  • Service quantity, number and period

When displaying, specify not only the first time but also the second and subsequent conditions, indefinite renewal and automatic updates.

If consumers do not make a subscription in violation of these labeling obligations, businesses will be imposed on heavy penalties, such as banning operations and imprisonment.

When operating a sub -skop EC, do not violate the Specified Commercial Transactions Law by referring to the Consumer Affairs Agency's website and the Specified Commercial Transactions Law Guide.

reference:Notice to all EC operators

Benefits of preventing sub -skop withdrawal and cancellation

What are the benefits of preventing the cancellation of the subscriber?

The following three advantages are to prevent cancellation.

Leads to increase profit margins

In general, the cost of acquiring new users is said to be five times the cost of acquiring existing users.

This is called the "1: 5 law", and maintaining existing users is indispensable to create stable profits.

There is also a "5:25 law" that improves profits by more than 25%if the withdrawal of users is reduced by 5%.

Based on these laws, the cancellation of the sub -school is an important factor in increasing the profit margin.

Increase the number of fans of products and services

As a result of focusing on cancellation prevention, products and services may become attractive and the customer experience of existing users may be improved.

The absence of a sub -school means that the existing users are satisfied.

If the satisfaction of existing users is improved, it will become a fan of products and services and spread it on SNS or give good reviews.

In addition, improving services to existing users may eventually lead to new users.

Can approach dormant customers

Among the users who have subscribed to the subscriber, there is a "dormant customer" who has left an account.

It is very important for dormant customers to cancel the subscd or transfer to competitors' services.

Examples of approaches include guidance on solutions and detection of users with high risks.

Being able to use dormant customers to be active users will not only prevent cancellation, but also maximize profits.

We recommend collaboration with Klaviyo as a method of approaching dormant customers!

KLAVIYO is an email marketing tool with high affinity with SHOPIFY.

There is an article introducing KLAVIYO, so please check it together!

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Introducing the KLAVIYO (e -mail magazine) setting flow recommended for regular purchases (sub -schools)! Effective for cancellation and improving LTV.

If you want to prevent sub -sk canceling, it is recommended to use "GO SUB"

When introducing a subscriber, you may want to use "Go Sub".

GO SUB is a sub -school app that can be installed on SHOPIFY.

It is available from a monthly fee free, and is characterized by the fact that it can be fully supported between Japanese and English.

Such GO SUB has a convenient function to prevent the cancellation of the sub -skop.

Go Sub has a cancellation questionnaire function

One of the Go Sub functions is the cancellation questionnaire function.

The cancellation questionnaire function is a function that allows users to hear the reason for cancellation when canceling.

In addition to the options using the check box, it also supports the free description formula.

Hearing the reasons for cancellation can be expected to improve services and cancellation prevention measures.

Collaboration with KLAVIYO is possible

KLAVIYO is a tool that combines email distribution and marketing function.

By using KLAVIYO, you can automatically distribute emails that match the user's trends and analyze the user's purchase history.

GO SUB is possible to cooperate with this KLAVIYO and helps to prevent cancellation such as sunks mail and coupon distribution.


Users will consider canceling the subscriber if they are dissatisfied with the fees and services.

When preventing the Subsque EC cancellation, it is important to listen to the user's voice and introduce services and solutions.

Be careful of excessive cancellation prevention measures, use the GO SUB that is ideal for preventing sub -skopes to increase the profit margin of the business.

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