3 selections that tend to be overlooked by the initial settings and flow of KLAVIYO [Email Marketing]

by Mitsuaki Akatsuki

Do you use Klaviyo, an email marketing tool? It has a high affinity with SHOPIFY, allows you to set detailed target settings and build flow.

Although it is easy to cooperate with SHOPIFY itself, there are so many functions and settings, so you may get lost or make a mistake.

This time, I will tell you three points to note in the initial settings!

What is KLAVIYO?

KLAVIYO is a software platform for online businesses, mainly known as e -mail marketing and customer engagement platform. KLAVIYO provides digital marketing tools to build relationships with customers and maximize revenue.

It emphasizes data -type approaches and is widely used as a tool for customer engagement and sales improvement.

There are mainly the following functions.

  • E -mail marketing
    • KLAVIYO offers email to customers and provides tools to distribute target messages using segmentation. This feature can be used for a variety of purposes, including promotion, product update, reduced cart abandonment rate, customized messaging.
  • Customer segmentation
    • KLAVIYO can use a data -driven approach to categorize customers into different segments. This allows you to communicate targeted for a particular customer segment.
  • Data analysis and reports
    • KLAVIYO analyzes customer behavior data and provides effective marketing campaigns. This allows you to optimize your marketing strategy.
  • App collaboration
    • KLAVIYO can work with applications such as various e -commerce platforms, CMS, CRM, etc., so that data can be unified and efficient.

3 points to be aware of in the initial settings

Here are three setting points that tend to be overlooked when making the initial settings of KLAVIYO and building flow.

Smart sending

What is Smart Sending?

If SMART SENDING is enabled by email, SMS message, or push notification, Klaviyo automatically confirms that the profile is receiving your message within your account sending period. I will send it. If this profile has recently received your message, the profile will skip the current message.


In other words, it is a function that prevents many emails from sending several emails in a short period of time. This function is turned on by default, and it is in the part that you can not understand unless you carefully look carefully as shown in ↓.

It is an email that makes you feel annoying if you send it many times, but depending on the flow, it may not be transmitted.

Sign-Up Forms

Sign-Up Forms is a registration form for e-mail magazine registration.

When KLAVIYO is introduced, I think that the e -mail magazine registration form is often created with Kalviyo.

I think that I often implement registration form by pop -up. The setting itself is easy, but do you set what the registration form is and on which page?


You can set it in detail, such as when the pop -up comes out, or not displaying the day when it comes out.

The above settings are made:

・ After scrolling the page 50%, displays pop -ups

・ If it is displayed once, it will not be redesigned for one day

Flow Filters

Flow Filters is a filter function that allows you to divide the conditions even more when you set a flow.

For example, it is a useful function when you do not want to send an email to customers with this tag.

In addition, it is possible to set a detailed setting, such as sending an email for the first purchase or the person who purchased it multiple times.



This time, we introduced three settings that are often overlooked in KLAVIYO.

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