A product brand based in Ehime Prefecture launched in 2019 with the concept of "creating, playing, and learning” in our daily lives. The brand director is Mayo Iba, who is also a graphic designer. Reflecting on her sense and imagination, she has turned her experience into art, as every item is created from an idea, and packed with care and perfection. In this day and age, when we are inundated with many new ideas, this brand aims to create original products that add color to our daily lives.



This project was to migrate the stores to Shopify. The corporate website and separate e-commerce site were relaunched by integrating their content. We took the brand concept and content to Shopify, proposed a new design, built their site, customized the website theme, installed and configured apps, and more. We also worked on a user-friendly navigation design, taking ideas from their customer service members.


We were attentive to details such as fonts, colors, and margins to ensure that the brand image was well presented. The design was refined with the transparent background images provided by the client. In terms of functionality, we customized the website for their ability to easily update information without any coding. Specifically, the product information can easily be entered for each product, making it easy to post product characteristics, care, and timely information. This enabled the business to create a shopping experience that is exciting no matter when you visit. In addition to customer service apps such as a point program and wishlist, we added a new feature to their business by adding a subscription application, making the store even more consumer friendly.




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