SHOPIFY Official Subscription app fee, function comparison! What is the difference from the existing sub -school app?

by keigo matsunari

Shopify Editions Winter2024In the SHOPIFY official, an app that can be subserved was provided!

Immediately, "functional comparison and developed by our company"GO SUBI would like to check the difference from the existing third patisser app, focusing on.

If you are considering the introduction of a sub -school, please refer to it.

*Shopify Editions is a large update that SHOPIFY does once every six months.

SHOPIFY Official Subsque App

Our sub -school app "GO SUB

Fare comparison

Design comparison

Function comparison

Fare comparison

Shopify Official: Completely Free

GO SUB: Developed with 3 plans

Development store starter premium

・ All functions are available

・ Free installation
・ 2%sub -skook sales commission
・ All functions are available
・ $ 39/MONTH application usage fee
・ 0.5%sub -skask sales commission
・ All functions are available

Design comparison

Product page

SHOPIFY Official Subsque App
The color of the character, the border color, and the background color in the option can be changed from the theme customizer.
Cycle text in the option "Monthly delivery, 10%offThe display is automatically determined and cannot be changed according to the cycle.

The background color of the button and the discount label can be changed from the application setting screen.
Text for each plan "Regular flight once a month", Discount text"10%discount"The notation of the displayed part can be set freely.

Official Subscription
Shopify Official Subscription

Customer account page

SHOPIFY Official Subsque App
New customer accountIt works only on My Page.
The subscription management entry point works even when operated by a conventional customer account, but the page of the transition is a new customer account page.
Settings> Subscription Management URL allows you to generate links to new customer accounts for subscription management, so install at any location.
I think navigation, My Page, purchase confirmation email, etc. are good.

Traditional customer accountIt works only on My Page.
At this time, you will not be able to edit your new customer account by theme, third patisser app, and private apps.
Go Sub will be available in the future, and Go Sub will be available accordingly.

Setting Link
URL generation management screen
Shopify Official My Account
Shopify Official My Account Page

Function comparison

The management screen is very simple. Only the following three items.




Shopify Official Admin Cycle
Shopify official plan cycle setting screen
Shopify Official Admin Contract
SHOPIFY official contract details management screen
Go Sub Admin Cycle
Go Sub cycle setting management screen
Go Sub Admin Contract
GO SUB contract details management screen
Shopify Official Setting
Shopify official setting management screen

Not supported on weekly, month, and annual sub -skirt

Discount rate for each product, fixed price, fixed price

Contract CSV import, export

Change contract from the management screen, resumed, cancel, skip, cycle change, product change, quantity change, address change, payment information change

Change of contract content from the customer's account page pause, resume, cancel, skip, address change, payment information change

Retrying settings for payment failure

Customized Customization New Subscription Order, Payment Reminder, Skip, Pause, Exit, Resume, Cancellation, Failure of Settlement, Rettaining Settlement

Discounts according to the number of purchases such as the first discount

Minimum/maximum number of purchases limit

Fixed settlement date after the second time

Automatic tag to order

Customer Account My Page Function Limited Customer Roll Settings for Customers that can change

 Questionnaire at cancellation

Subscription BOX

Check outlink

Subsque sales analysis

Manual modification of translation

Batch payment (scheduled to be released in April)

The SHOPIFY official regular purchase app can be used completely free and can be used with a simple setting!

On the other hand, in terms of function, it was an impression that it was out of reach to itchy places.

Go Sub implements all the contents described in the red frame above.

You can start with a free monthly price with a starter plan.

If you want to maximize sales in the sub -skop, please use GO SUB.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the subscriber.

Keigo matsunari

Keigo matsunari

Go Ride Engineer


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