Explains how to sell digital products in SHOPIFY and how to start a membership fee

by Kanayo Uehara

In modern businesses, it is attracting attention to the sale of intangible products that can instantly deliver products to customers around the world without having to have inventory.
Speaking of intangible products, simply speaking, "things" but "koto". This time, I will explain the sales of intangible products and membership fees using SHOPIFY.

If you already have a shop at SHOPIFY but want to start selling intangible products, or if you want to start a member -based business online.

Intangible merchandise sales at SHOPIFY

Speaking of "mail order", many people may imagine a flow of purchasing products online, waiting for shipping, and having the shipping company deliver the product.

E -commerce platform SHOPIFY, which can open and operate online stores, sells original products around the world.

In SHOPIFY, you can easily sell not only physical "products" but also intangible products.

Here are some examples.

gift card

Store owners who are already selling products at SHOPIFY can use the standard function to sell gift cards right now.

Menu product management → Select gift card → Add gift card product

Enter the variation between the title and amount, and add images, etc. as you like.

Gift card product creation procedure _1
Gift card creation procedure _2

This alone is complete.
The digital gift code will be sent by e -mail just by entering the necessary information and purchasing the customer who visits the store.

gift card
Gift card_ Inbox example

The received email contains a gift card code, and the discount is applied automatically by simply entering the gift card code when purchasing a product.

If the card balance is insufficient, only the remaining amount is charged, and if the card balance is higher than the payment amount, the data will remain as the balance, so you can use it for shopping next time.

Of course, it is also possible to send emails directly to friends and loved ones to buy a gift card.

Digital download product

Digital books, audio, videos, etc. can also be sold in SHOPIFY.

This time, I will explain the Shopify official digital download application "Digital Downloads" as an example.

First, install the app on the store.

Next, register a digital download product on the SHOPIFY product information page.

Then just add a digital file to the above -mentioned product from the application "Digital Downloads" setting screen.

The basic settings are completed so far.

Digital download_download product added

When a customer who visits the store purchases the target product, a download link of the set digital file is sent.

In the detailed settings, you can switch the link automatically and manually transmit, and you can change the text of the email freely.

The text of the email uses a little language Liquid for building SHOPIFY, so if you are uneasy, you can support Go Ride. Please contact us.

Digital download_Mail customization

The intangible sub -school is also in SHOPIFY

Up to this point, we have once talked about the sales of intangible products, such as gift cards and digital files.

From heresubscriptionLet's consider the sales of intangible products.

As an example of a subscription type intangible product sales

  • Membership -based site membership fee
  • membership
  • Regular subscription digital magazine
  • One of them is the monthly fee for learning.

Here, we will explain the sales method using the SHOPIFY subscription application "GOSUB", taking yoga studio as an example.

Create products as usual. At that time, uncheck "Track stock" and "Products that require delivery".

SHOPIFY Product Settings _ Membership fee Subscription

Subscription group on the gosub setting screen → Click "Create a group"

Create a plan group and set the target product.

Gosub_ Subscription group
Gosub_ Subscription group settings

Set the plan name and discount rate. It is also possible to register without a discount, and in that case, the amount set by product registration is settled every month.

In this example, it is registered with the following settings.

  • Payment for one month
  • First 10%OFF
  • 5%OFF after the second time
Gosub_ Subscription group settings

When viewed from the customer screen, it will be displayed like this.

The display style can be customized. If you are worried about code editing, you can support support with Go Ride, so please contact us.

Subscription_ Customer screen

Once the subscription is purchased, payment is made according to the cycle and discount rate set on the management screen.

You can also change your status and plan from your personal account screen and the management screen of the store owner side, making it possible to sell flexible subscriptions.

Expand business by combining intangible products and formal products

If you open SHOPIFY for the purpose of selling subscription -type intangible products, such as monthly membership fees of yoga studio, you can of course sell tangible products.

It is possible to create related products such as studio unique yoga mat, wear, water bottle, and sell on the store.

You can expand your business by selling tangible products along with the membership fee subscription.

In SHOPIFY, in addition to basic functions, there are various apps that are handled products and apps in accordance with the form of the store.
There are many apps that can be started for free, including the GOSUB introduced here, so please try it.



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