Sales of lessons, courses and rental products at SHOPIFY! Introducing methods using sub -skop

by Takushi Matsuura

What kind of merchandise do you sell in SHOPIFY?

SHOPIFY is convenient for selling various things from daily necessities to apparel,CourseorlessonRentalDid you know that you can sell?

This time, I will introduce how to sell courses and lessons at SHOPIFY.

Sales of courses, lesson services

For example, let's say that you sell English conversation lessons.

The first thing you need isReservation functionIt will be.

At the same time as purchasing a lesson, you will need a system that allows customers to select "on what month, and on and when, so that they can not be covered with other reservations.

The reservation function is a function that is difficult to implement by default, so the app is introduced and added to the store.

The customer goes to the product on the site (eg, English conversation 60 minutes), selects the desired date and time, and makes a purchase payment.

After the purchase is completed, the customer will deliver tickets or reservation numbers to the e -mail My Page and have them actually come to the store.


The following is an example of a shooting service sold at SHOPIFY.

It is a system that selects the schedule and books a service.

Monthly service sales

Some of the lessons and courses may pay a monthly fee and sell services like many times a month (or unlimited use).

In that case, it is quite troublesome for customers to visit EC sites every month and pay monthly.

Therefore, a convenient function is the subscription function.

Subsque functions are generally used for products consumed at a certain pace, such as daily necessities and daily necessities, but are also suitable for services that can be used monthly.

For example, services such as sports gyms that can be used on a monthly basis can be sold by implementing the sub -skop function in SHOPIFY.

In recent years, the rental of apparel fashion has been increasingly increasing, but this is also realized by introducing a sub -skust function to SHOPIFY.

You can also add the sub -skop function to the site using the SHOPIFY app.
The Go Ride development application "GO SUB" can handle various products!
We always accept support for introduction!


This is a site that sells private profile sites created by SHOPIFY.

The sub -skop function has been introduced and it can be used on a monthly basis.


What did you think.

The reservation function and sub -skop function are not found in the default SHOPIFY, so some of you may be hesitant to sell these services in SHOPIFY.

Actually, please consider it positively for a very simple operation without inventory management or delivery processing!



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