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This is an online store that sells high -end brand bags such as Rolex, Hermes, and Louis Vuitton, operated by the TSE listed Geo Group, a major reuse industry. All products are appraised by experienced professional staff, and sells various brand products at the special price unique to the official OKURA (OKURA) official ONLINE STORE.

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A project that shifts from Stores to SHOPIFY. We have renewed the EC site different from the corporate site. The brand concept and content were dropped into SHOPIFY, and I was in charge of construction, construction, custom theme installation and setting.
While listening to the opinions of the person in charge who usually responded to customers, we also worked on user -friendly conductor design.

PC site
SP site


Produced with careful details such as fonts, colors, and margins so that the brand image can be fully appealed. It is a sophisticated design that makes use of the image of the transparent background prepared. In terms of functions, we try to customize it with "easy to update with no code".
It is designed so that information content can be entered for each product, making it easier to post the characteristics of the product, care, and timely information. As a result, I was able to realize an exciting shopping experience when I visited.
In addition to customer services such as points and favorite, a subscription app has been introduced in anticipation of new service development, making it a store full of hospitality.

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Kaho Okazaki

Account Manager/Designer

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