Do you think it's hard to pass the IT introduction subsidy?

The recruitment rate of the digital infrastructure introduction slot in 2022 is 85.5%.
It is a very easy subsidy.

Certified vendor is full support

GO RIDEはIT導入補助金の申請における支援事業者としてベンダー認定されています。



What is the IT introduction subsidy 2023?

Primary application deadline April 25 (Tuesday) 17:00
2nd application deadline May 16th (Tuesday) 17:00
3rd application deadline June 2 (Fri) 17:00
4th application deadline June 20 (Tuesday) 17:00
5th application deadline July 10th (Monday) 17:00
6th application deadline July 31st (Monday) 17:00
7th application deadline August 28 (Monday) 17:00
8th application deadline September 11th (Monday) 17:00
9th application deadline October 2nd (Monday) 17:00
10th application deadline October 16th (Monday) 17:00
11 Application Deadline October 30th (Monday) 17:00
12th application deadline November 13 (Monday) 17:00
13 application deadline November 27 (Monday) 17:00
14th Application Deadline December 11th (Monday) 17:00
15th application deadline December 25 (Monday) 17:00
16th application deadline January 15, 2024 (Monday) 17:00
17th application deadline (final round) 2024 (Monday) 17:00
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Subsidies and support subjects that can be used to build EC sites

There are four subsidies that can be used for IT introduction. Building an EC site is valid for all items.

  • 1. Business reconstruction subsidy
  • 2. IT introduction subsidy
  • 3. Small business operator sustainable subsidy
  • 4. IT subsidies by each local government
  Business reconstruction subsidy IT introduction subsidy Small business operator Sustainable subsidy Subsidy for each municipality
subject Sole business owner / SME
* There are various conditions
Small and medium -sized enterprises / sole proprietorship Corporation / sole proprietor /
Specified non -profit corporation
Sole business owner / SME
* By local government
EC site construction
Site renewal ×

Mall type EC site × By local government
Advertisement × By local government
tool By local government
hardware × ×
Minimum subsidy amount 1 million yen 50,000 yen 500,000 yen 50,000 yen
* By local government
Maximum subsidy amount 100 million yen Up to 3.5 million yen 2 million yen

1 million yen
* By local government

Auxiliary rate Up to 3/4

Up to 3/4

2/3 1/2
* By local government
Payment date About one year after the adoption About 3 months from the date of grant ~
* By project
About one year after the examination

By local government

Combined use with other subsidies  〇
* Only separate businesses
* Only separate businesses

* Only separate businesses
By local government
Number of adoption upper limit Once a year Once a year Once a year By local government
Submit a business plan By local government
Destination Subsidy secretariat Subsidy secretariat Subsidy secretariat Municipalities of each municipality
Public offering period

The 10th Public Offering 3/30-6/30
* The 5th to the 8th implementation in 2022

2nd deadline: Until 5/16
3rd deadline: Until 6/2
4 second deadline: Until 6/20
5th deadline: Until 7/10
6 second deadline: Until 7/31

12th: Until 6/1
* After that, it is undecided

By local government

Personnel for IT introduction subsidies

It is necessary to lower the capital and the number of employees for each industry.

Industry Capital Employee (full -time)
Manufacturing, construction, transportation industry
300 million yen
Wholesale business
100 million yen
100 people
Service industry (excluding software, information processing service, and inn industry)
50 million yen
100 people
50 million yen
50 people
Rubber product manufacturing industry (excluding cars or aircraft tires and tube manufacturing and industrial belt manufacturing)
300 million yen
900 people
Software or information processing service business
300 million yen
Ryokan business
50 million yen
200 people
Other industries (other than the above)
300 million yen
Medical corporation, social welfare corporation, school corporation
Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Prefectural Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Commerce and Industry
100 people
Small and medium -sized enterprises prescribed in Article 2, Paragraph 1, Item 4 of the SME Support Law
Employee size described in the main industries
Unions or federation established by special laws
Employee size described in the main industries
Foundation (general / public interest), corporate incorporated association (general / public interest)
Employee size described in the main industries
Specified non -profit corporation
Employee size described in the main industries
Commercial / Service (excluding accommodation and entertainment)
5 or less
Accommodation and entertainment business in the service industry
Less than 20 people
Manufacturing and others
Less than 20 people

Why go ride is selected

GO RIDE がまるっとサポート

面倒な手続き不要 事業者様の負担を軽減!






GO RIDEはIT支援事業者としてベンダー認定されています

IT導入時補助金の支援事業者としてベンダー認定いただきました。補助金を活用したEC制作を支援させていただくことができるようになりました。 また、Shopify 最上位パートナー、Shopify Plus Partnerおよびmakeshopの認定パートナー企業としてIT導入補助金のコンソーシアム協定を組んでいるため、安心してサポート全般をお任せいただけます。

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Price when using subsidies

Services only because it is an EC professional group

Go to EC site that sells

We will realize a site that sells from many production results.

Familiar with cart systems

It is possible to select a cart system that considers future business expansion and support the cooperation system.

Enriched after -sales follow -up

It is an after -sales follow -up unique to our company that supports one -stop from strategic planning to execution.

Please leave us on any EC site!

D2C site production
Cross -border EC site production
B2B site production
Omni -channel
External system cooperation
OMS, WMS cooperation

EC site production results

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Flow from application to subsidy benefits


Selection of IT Introduction Support Business / IT tool Selection We request IT introduction support businesses that can be built with SHOPIFY.
Go Ride will send an invitation email to My Page to the IT introduction subsidy. The business person will perform the procedure of 02,03,05,06,07.


Obtaining a GBIZID Prime Account, applying for the Security Action, implementation of "Mira Digi" "Management Check"
★The business side needs to respond

● GBIZID Prime Account acquisition Account application requires a "Gbizid Prime" account (ID, password, etc.). If you do not have it, please obtain it from the "GBIZID" website. * The period until the ID is issued is almost two weeks. Please apply as soon as possible.

● About Security ACTION To apply for a grant, it is necessary to declare the "Security Action" implemented by the Independent Administrative Organization Information Processing Promotion Organization (IPA). You will need to enter your declaration account ID when you create a grant application.

● Regarding the “Mira Digi” “Management Check” of “Mira Digi”, it is necessary to register on the “Mira Digi” portal site and implement “management check”. "Mira Digi" is a system that supports digitization of management issues of small and medium -sized enterprises and small businesses implemented by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.


Applying for a grant
★The business side needs to respond

Prepare the required documents and submit them to the introduction support business. The IT introduction support company confirms the application and applies to the secretariat.


Orders, contracts, and payment of IT tools (implementation of subsidy projects)
Go Ride supports SHOPIFY production, operation, maintenance, etc.

After receiving the "Grant decision" from the secretariat, we will promote SHOPIFY production, operation, and maintenance. * If you place an order, contract, payment, etc. before you receive the announcement decision, you will not be able to receive a subsidy. please note.


Business implementation report
★The business side needs to respond

Once the EC site is completed, the IT introduction support company will present the delivery to the secretariat and check with the secretariat.


Subsidy grant procedure
★The business side needs to respond

After confirmation from the secretariat is completed, a subsidy will be issued.


Business implementation effect report
★The business side needs to respond

Report to the secretariat how much effect it was after producing the EC site.

Go Ride NEWS (IT introduction subsidy article)

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We will report the delivery of the e -commerce site ordered by the IT introduction subsidy secretariat, and as soon as the contents of the completion report of the IT introduction subsidy secretariat are completed, the IT introduction subsidy secretariat will be the customer from the IT introduction subsidy secretariat. A subsidy is transferred to the account. * It may take more than 2 weeks. note that.


It is not always adopted. Please be forewarned.


IT introduction subsidies cannot be used other than EC site production.


If you can submit a tax payment certificate, it will be possible (the state of the first term is reached)


Websites only for information dissemination are not considered because they do not think that productivity will be improved. However, if the payment function is introduced, it may be recognized if the EC site is converted.


Existing EC site renewal is not eligible. If the payment function is added, only the additional amount will be eligible.


The B to B site will be newly constructed, so it will be eligible. Please contact us.


Yes, maintenance and maintenance work for up to 24 months. You can adjust the period according to the client's wishes.


Go Ride will send a question table to make the application work smooth, and based on that, the entire back office will support you, so we will wind up the troublesome application work as much as possible. Masu.


Businesses used within 12 months are not eligible, but you can apply after 12 months.


For more informationHerePlease refer to the.

First of all, please feel free to ask for a quote and consult us!