[Certified vendor is explained! ] What is the 2023 IT introduction subsidy? Introducing the target person and application method!


GO RIDE Co., Ltd. has been recognized as a support business operator in the application for IT introduction subsidies in FY2023, following FY2022!

In this article, we will explain in detail how to apply for the IT introduction subsidy.

About Go Ride

Go Ride

Go Ride is a digital creative house that supports EC businesses at Yokohama and LA as SHOPIFY official "SHOPIFY PLUS PARTNER".
This time, we have been certified as a vendor as a subsidy support company when introducing IT. It is now possible to support SHOPIFY production, operation, and maintenance using subsidies.

  • I want to build and maintain a site on the SHOPIFY site
  • I want to make an EC site with a rise in sales
  • I want to build an EC site with a view to the cross -border in SHOPIFY

It is a recommended subsidy for those who originally considered the construction of a SHOPIFY site and the migration of EC sites.
Go Ride has a system, including SHOPIFY production and operation support for increased EC sales. Please read the explanation of the subsidy and contact us if you are interested.

1. What is the IT introduction subsidy in 2023?

In 2023 IT introduction subsidies are subsidies that small and medium -sized businesses and small businesses can be used to introduce IT tools. There are four types, "Normal frame (A, B type)", "security countermeasures promotion frame", "digitalization base introduction frame (digital infrastructure introduction type)", "Digitalization base introduction frame (multiple company collaboration)" Introduction type). I would like to introduce the different types.

Type of subsidy
(1) Normal frame (A, B type) = 1/2 (to 4.5 million yen) of IT tool expenses aimed at improving productivity

Example: Automated tools, analysis tools, etc.

(2) Security measures promotion frame = Specialization for "Cyber ​​Security Help Service" for subsidies, 1/2 of service usage fees, aid of up to 1 million yen

③ Digitalization base introduction frame (digitalization infrastructure introduction type) = Up to 2/3 (to 3.5 million yen) of IT tools.
Example: Accounting software, ordering software, payment software, EC software → SHOPIFY production, maintenance, and operation are also eligible here.

④ Digitalization infrastructure introduction frame (multiple company collaboration IT introduction type)

・ Commerce and industry organizations, etc.
(Example) Shopping Street Promotion Association, Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce, Business Cooperative, etc.
・ Small and medium -sized enterprises or organizations that can work on business as a leader in community development, commercial revitalization, tourism promotion, etc.
(Example) Town development company, tourist area development corporation (DMO), etc.
・ Consortium formed by multiple small and medium -sized businesses and small businesses

Is subject

For those who are used in EC production

EC site production is an auxiliary target of digitalized infrastructure introduction type. (Includes EC site production using "SHOPIFY".) In addition, it is also characterized by a higher subsidy rate than the normal frame (A, B type). If you have any questionsHereWe are also waiting for inquiries.

2. Explanation of those subject to IT introduction subsidies

I will introduce the conditions of the subsidy subject.
As a premise, there is a condition called "individual or corporation in Japan".
In addition, the size of the operator is for "small and medium -sized businesses, small businesses, etc.". Please refer to the following for details.

About IT introduction subsidy subsidy target

See: IT introduction subsidy subsidy target

3. About the amount and frame to be assisted

The amount and subsidy rate of the subsidy vary depending on the frame used and the type.

The site construction at SHOPIFY is the digitalization base introduction frame (digitalization infrastructure introduction type), and the maximum subsidy is 3.5 million yen.

Even if you already have an EC site, you can apply if you get a new domain and build a new site.
* If the same domain is used, it will not be eligible.

4. Application schedule

To recommend the application

It may take about a month to apply for a subsidy, but we recommend that you prepare early because the interval may be short.

Application for registration of IT introduction support company

Registration application Tuesday, August 1, 2023 Reception starts to the end time will be provided at a later date
Adoption decision We will inform you with a notification.

Grant application period

Reception starts: Tuesday, August 1, 2023
* Digitalized infrastructure introduction slots (commercial distribution invoice compatible type) and digitalization base introduction slots (multiple cooperative IT introduction types) are scheduled to be applied from late August 2023.


Digitalization base introduction frame
(Digitalization infrastructure introduction type)

Primary application deadline April 25 (Tuesday) 17:00
2nd application deadline May 16th (Tuesday) 17:00
3rd application deadline June 2 (Fri) 17:00
4th application deadline June 20 (Tuesday) 17:00
5th application deadline July 10th (Monday) 17:00
6th application deadline July 31st (Monday) 17:00
7th application deadline August 28 (Monday) 17:00
8th application deadline September 11th (Monday) 17:00

See: IT introduction subsidy subsidy schedule


5. Flow from application for IT introduction subsidies to grant

The flow is as follows. Please feel free to contact us if you are considering producing a SHOPIFY site using subsidies.

① Selection of IT introduction support businesses / selection of IT tools

Ask the IT introduction support company to build it with SHOPIFY to build it. 
(2) Acquisition of GBIZID Prime Account, Application for SECURITY ACTION, implementation of "Management Check" of "Mira Digi"

The acquisition procedure of the Gbizid Prime AccountFrom here
A "Gbizid Prime" account (ID, password, etc.) is required to apply for grant. If you do not have it, please obtain it from the "GBIZID" website.
* The period until the ID is issued is almost two weeks. Please apply as soon as possible.

About Security Action Click here for an overview
To apply for a grant, you need a declaration of the "Security Action" implemented by the Information Processing Promotion Organization (IPA). You will need to enter your declaration account ID when you create a grant application.

About "management check" of "Mira Digi"Click here for an overview

It is necessary to register with GBIZID on the "Mira Digi" portal site and carry out "management check".
"Mira Digi" is a system that supports digitization of management issues of small and medium -sized enterprises and small businesses implemented by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.

③ Application for grant
Prepare the required documents and submit them to the introduction support business. The IT introduction support company confirms the application and applies to the secretariat.

④ Order, contract, payment of IT tools (implementation of subsidy projects)
After receiving the "Grant decision" from the secretariat, we will promote SHOPIFY production, operation, and maintenance.

* If you place an order, contract, payment, etc. before you receive the announcement decision, you will not be able to receive a subsidy. please note.

⑤ Business implementation report
Once the EC site is completed, the IT introduction support company will present the delivery to the secretariat and check with the secretariat.

⑥ subsidy grant procedure
After confirmation from the secretariat is completed, a subsidy will be issued.

⑦ Business implementation effect report
Report to the secretariat how much effect it was after producing the EC site.

Go Ride for SHOPIFY construction!

Go Ride is a digital creative house that supports EC businesses at Yokohama and LA as SHOPIFY official "SHOPIFY PLUS PARTNER".

Continuing from last year, in FY2023, it was recognized as a support company in applying for the IT introduction subsidy!
If you are considering using IT introduction subsidies, please feel free to contact us.

Go Ride

Go Ride is a digital creative house that supports EC businesses at Yokohama and LA as SHOPIFY official "SHOPIFY PLUS PARTNER".


One -stop offered from EC construction to advertising operation.