Introducing the application procedure for building an EC site using the IT introduction subsidy digitalization base frame!

by Jumi Waki

2023 How to use IT introduction subsidies

Go Ride Co., Ltd. has been recognized as an IT introduction subsidy support business in 2023 as last year.

For detailsHerePlease see the article.

If you are considering building a new EC site, we recommend that you apply for an IT introduction subsidy!

Some people have received IT introduction subsidies in the past12 monthsIf you do, you can apply.

Depending on the past application type, please check the application guidelines for details.

See: IT introduction subsidy material download page

The auxiliary target is small and medium -sized enterprises and small businesses, but the capital and the number of employees are also limited depending on the type of business.

The rules are specified for whether your company is eligible or not.Official sitePlease verify.

What you can do with the digitalized infrastructure frame

Picture of subsidies

The construction of a site at SHOPIFY"Digitalized infrastructure introduction frame (digitalization infrastructure introduction type type))"Hits the,The upper limit is 3.5 million yenIt is.

Then, I will explain what the digital infrastructure introduction type is.

The IT tools to be subsidized for the digitalization infrastructure introduction type are as follows.

◼︎ Accounting software / order software, EC software

◼︎ Cloud usage fee (up to 2 years)

◼︎ Hardware introduction costs such as PC / tablet, cash register, ticket vending machine, etc.

By assisting a part of the cost of accounting software, ordering software, and EC software, it is an auxiliary project that aims to promote digitalization of inter -company transactions with an invoice support.

It is divided into two types among the digital infrastructure introduction frames.

① Of accounting software, ordering software, payment software, EC softwareOneWhen introducing

→ Auxiliary rate: within 3/4

Subsidy amount: No subsidy lower limit ~Up to 500,000 yen or less

② Of accounting software, ordering software, payment software, EC softwareTwo or moreWhen introducing

→ Auxiliary rate: within 2/3

Subsidy amount:Up to 500,000 yen to 3.5 million yen or less

In addition, both ①② have a subsidy limit on hardware purchase costs.

◼︎PC, tablet, prinar scanner, complex

→ Subsidy upper limit: 100,000 yen (subsidy rate 1/2)

◼︎ cash register, ticket vending machine, etc.

→ Subsidy upper limit: 200,000 yen (subsidy rate 1/2)

In addition, maintenance costs for software are also eligible for up to two years.

It cannot be said that there is no problem after building the site.

Go Ride also offers SHOPIFY maintenance services.

This time, if you build a new site and join our maintenance plan, the maintenance costs for up to two years will also be eligible for IT introduction subsidies.

Site construction + maintenance cost = Up to 2 years auxiliary target

* Only maintenance is not eligible.

About procedures required for applying for grant

Then, you will need the necessary documents and preparation for applying.

We will explain the necessary procedures on the business side so that you can apply smoothly.

  • Get to Gbizid Prime.

    A "Gbizid Prime" account (ID /password, etc.) is required for the IT introduction subsidy application.

    The period until the ID is issued is about two weeks, so we recommend you to apply as soon as possible.

  • "" "" "★"One star" or "★★Declare two stars.

    Here, you will be asked to enter the declared account ID when you create a grant application.

    Source: "Security Action" official website

    Summary explanation

  • Mira Digi Management Check

    Here, prepare the "member" account that is linked to the "Gbizid Prime" account or its prime ID and complete the procedure at hand.

Documents required for corporations to apply for grant

① All history items certificate

・ Return from the registration application date, only those issued within 3 months.

② Corporate tax payment certificate (Part 1 or Part 2)

・ Limited to the most recent one. * Submit after entering the financial results for the first term.

・ Limited to those issued at the tax office.

・ In the case of an electronic tax payment certificate, only the format issued in the PDF format (the same format issued by the window) is valid at the time of the grant request.

* No tax payment data sheet issued in XML format is not allowed.

Documents necessary for sole proprietors to apply for grant

① Driver's license, driving history certificate, resident card

・ The resident's card is limited to those issued within 3 months from the registration application date.

・ The small driving surface is limited to those that are within the expiration date of the registration application date.

・ If the change history is listed on the back of the license, please submit the back.

② Income tax certificate (Part 1 or Part 2)

・ Limited to the most recent one.

・ Limited to those issued at the tax office.

・ In the case of an electronic tax payment certificate, only the format issued in the PDF format (the same format issued by the window) is valid at the time of the grant request.

* No tax payment data sheet issued in XML format is not allowed.

③ Final tax return

・ It must be 4 years for Order.

・ Limited to those who can confirm that they are received at the tax office.

* If you are a sole proprietor, you are doing business with your maiden name, and if the first and last names of ① and (2) and ③ are uneven, please attach documents that shows the change in the first and last name together with ①.

For more information, please check the "Grant Application Guide" issued by the IT Introduction subsidy secretariat.

Source: "IT introduction subsidy 2023" official website

About the procedure for applying for grant

Next, I will explain the procedure for applying for the grant.

The flow of the application is 4 steps.

  1. Go Ride sends an invitation email on the grant application My Page.

  2. The applicant opens a My Page and enters the grant application information ①.

  3. Go Ride confirms the application content and inputs the IT tools to be introduced. (Enter the application amount)

  4. Enter the grant application information ②, SMS authentication and complete!

All you have to do is wait for the approval.

There are many items to enter by the grant applicant, but we will mainly enter company information and financial information.

It is safe to see what kind of content to enter specifically because it is described in detail the grant application!

For more information, please refer to page 21 of the guide.

Source: "IT introduction subsidy 2023" official website

We recommend that you check in advance!


If you are worried about building a new site with SHOPIFY, but if you are worried about whether it is difficult to create it in the first place, please contact us once!

We will solve your worries together.


Go Ride maintenance also conducts troubleshooting, question contacts about SHOPIFY, app function surveys, and site analysis.

In order to enhance the built site and make customers satisfy, we will consider it with the client and suggest it.

* Contents will change depending on the plan.

Unfortunately, it is not subject to this IT introduction subsidy, but if you have already built a site and want to consult in terms of maintenance, please feel free to contact us.

If you are considering it again, please come by all meansHerePlease see!


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