What is the POS system that can be linked in SHOPIFY? Explain the difference between SHOPIFY POS and Smagg.

by Sasuga Tsutsumi

If you are running a new EC or renew the EC, many people may consider renewing the POS at the same time. Such consultations have been increasing recently from our inquiries.

In SHOPIFY, there is a function called "SHOPIFY POS" that can manage not only EC sites but also sales information at actual stores. In addition, it is also linked to POS systems such as "Smagen".

This time, I will explain the comparison of "SHOPIFY POS" and "Smagg" for those who are suffering from POS cooperation at SHOPIFY. If you are considering it, please take a look.

What is POS in the first place?

I buy it using POS at a real store

POS (POINT OF SALE) is a management system for sales information, and is a system that supports stock management and data management of actual stores used when selling products and services. It is also possible to analyze data and is also used as a marketing tool. Since data can be managed on the cloud, it is possible to share real -time data and cooperate with online sites.

The POS system is composed of hardware and software. Hardware includes barcode scanners, and software includes functions such as sales, customer and inventory management.

From here, I will explain in detail the advantages and disadvantages of "SHOPIFY POS" and "Smagg."


This is a POS system provided by SHOPIFY. In addition to SHOPIFY, you can manage not only the sales of actual stores, the management of customer information, and the management of inventory. The management work is streamlined, and analysis is possible to integrate offline and online.

In addition, it can be used by installing it on iOS terminals and Android devices, and can be introduced free of charge if you sign up for the SHOPIFY plan.

Introduction case:American Eagle

Benefits of SHOPIFY POS

Information cooperation between actual stores and EC

Not only sales but also inventory and customer information can be managed all at once. For those sold at actual stores, the number of stocks is automatically reduced in real time, so there is no need to worry about selling out stock products. In addition, since the data of the actual store is automatically aggregated, the work cost that was managed separately can be omitted.

By managing data in a lump, you can analyze the needs of the product and the purchase trends of each customer, and use it in marketing activities.

Improvement of customer shopping experiences

The advantage of information cooperation between actual stores and EC is not only the efficiency and effective analysis of the management side. You can also improve your customer experience.

For example, it is possible to send an email to a customer who has visited the store and purchase it online, or you can check or purchase the product online from the store's product QR code.

In addition, you can receive products purchased online at stores, and reservations and reserved orders can be received at the store. Because the stock is linked, you can also return products purchased online at stores.

In this way, the customer himself can have contact with the store at a convenient timing and a favorite place.

Read product information with barcode

Product information can be registered in the barcode from the SHOPIFY management screen. You can read the barcode using a smartphone or tablet camera. You can check the product information simply by reading the barcode.

Sending receipt by email or SMS

You can send receipts by email or SMS, so you can print the receipt without having a printer.

Easy introduced with the app

It can be used not only for regular stores, but also for limited -time pop -ups and exhibitions at events. It supports both iOS and Android devices, and can be easily introduced.

Shopify POS plan

There are two plans, a free SHOPIFY POS Lite and a paid SHOPIFY POS Pro.

item Lite Pro
Monthly fee free $89
Actual store payment
Online and actual stores
Data cooperation
Multiple location
Inventory / order / customer management
Cooperation with external apps
Data analysis
Paper / email / SMS
Receipt issuance
Cooperation with external cash registers
Number of stare staff There is a limit Unlimited
Sales by staff ×
Role setting for staff ×
Receiving products from actual stores ×
Shipping from other locations ×
Returned and received at actual stores ×
Retail report ×

Precautions of SHOPIFY POS

In Japan, there is no external payment service that can directly link with SHOPIFY POS. SHOPIFY POS has a function to record payment information, but does not provide an actual settlement function. If you want to pay for non -cash at a physical store, you need to prepare another terminal for cashless payments. Since not only credit card payments, but also smartphone payments and transportation IC card payments are commonly used, it is necessary to consider using a service that supports these settlement measures.

Even if you have a settlement contract such as SHOPIFY PAYMENT on the site side, you cannot use them directly in SHOPIFY POS at this time.

On the other hand, SHOPIFY POS is flexible to freely select external payment services instead of having their own payment services.

Another point to note is that you need to set your own tax declaration and payment, and that SHOPIFY POS itself has no inventory function.

What is Smagg.

Similar to SHOPIFY POS, it is a cloud -shaped POS cash register using tablets and smartphones. Since the tablet is a cashier, it can be introduced cheaper and easier than the conventional POS cash register. Smagger is also widely introduced as a POS system that can be linked with SHOPIFY. It also has functions not found in SHOPIFY POS.

Introduction case:BAKE THE ONLINE

Merits different from SHOPIFY POS

Cooperation of external payment services

You can work directly with the external payment service.

Points are also unified

It is possible to link online and offline not only in cooperation with customer information. However, cooperation with multiple shopify sites of 2 stores or more is basically not supported. There are apps that support SHOPIFY POS, but it seems that there are many incomplete cases such as not Japanese specifications or beta version.

You can extend the function with the cooperation app

There is also an application market in the Smagenge, which allows you to expand your functions. For example, the Omni Hub, a member cooperation app, can always use the latest features, such as a function that allows you to view the online store order history from the Smaggi POS app at the store in January 2023.

The advantage is that Japanese companies are developing, and the specifications in line with Japan and the sense of security that can be supported in Japanese.

Precautions of Smagg Research

It can be easily introduced by installation, but it requires an iOS device and is not available on Android devices. In addition, it does not support T points and Rakuten points.

Use POS to connect SHOPIFY and actual stores

This time, we explained the advantages and disadvantages of "SHOPIFY POS" and "Smagg." I can't say which is better, but if you want to introduce it on a variety of tablets and freely select the payment function, "Shopidy POS". If you want to use the direct payment function and enhance the Japanese specifications and support contents, "Smagger" may be better.

Go Ride Co., Ltd. supports not only the construction of SHOPIFY EC, but also the introduction of POS that links SHOPIFY and actual stores. We can also respond to requests to renew the POS system, so feel free to do so.HerePlease contact us!

Thank you for reading for me until the end!

Sasuga tsutsumi

Sasuga tsutsumi

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