What is Shopify Plus? Let's know about the top plan of Shoppi Fi

by Marina Fujihara

Have you ever heard or investigated "Shopify Plus"?

Shopify Plus is the top of a plan provided by Shoppi Fi, and there are many services and additional functions that can only be received by the Shopify Plus plan.

In this article, I would like to explain the mysterious SHOPIFY PLUS in an easy -to -understand manner.

Consultation on SHOPIFY and web attracting customersHere

1. About each plan of SHOPIFY

First, let's briefly review each plan provided by Shoppi Fi. The main SHOPIFY plan has three plans, Shochiku Ume.

plum_blossomBasic plan: This is a low -priced plan of SHOPIFY, which is said to be "recommended for small businesses and individual stores." The price is 29 per month, which is quite easy to start.

bamboostandard plan: The standard plan is said to be "recommended for medium -sized businesses and those who have increased sales." The monthly fee is $ 79.

BONSAIPremium plan: This premium plan is said to be "recommended for businesses with large teams". The monthly fee is $ 299, but there are advantages such as registering up to 15 staff accounts and a credit card fee.

You can mainly select this SHOPIFY plan while looking at the balance of store sales and cost. Shoppi Fai official 3 plan comparison tableHere

and! From here on, the top plan that goes further above this premium plan.Shopify PlusI will introduce about!

Overview of Shopify Plus

First, I will explain the outline. In particular, the important points to be checked are summarized in this way.

First of all, the features of SHOPIFY PLUS to be suppressed

  • Monthly $ 2,000 ~
  • It is possible to have up to 10 SHOPIFY stores (both domestic and overseas) in one SHOPIFY PLUS account (can also replace the store)
  • You can receive a 24 -hour concierge service on the SHOPIFY side
  • The lowest payment fee
  • In addition, there are many points that increase the degree of freedom and functionality in terms of functionality.

Let's look at these items one by one.

Fee structure

It is a fee system that fluctuates depending on the total sales. The fee system starts at $ 2,000 a month, the monthly fee is fixed for a certain period, and if the monthly sales (SHOPIFY PLUS per contract) exceeds $ 800,000, the monthly fee is 0.25%monthly.


At this rate, the storeUp to 10 stores regardless of domestic and overseasYou can have it. And SHOPIFY PLUSThe dedicated app is freeCan be used with.
*However, basically, these 10 stores must be the same brand store.

Concierge service

When it comes to the PLUS plan, the person in charge is attached to the SHOPIFY side.24 -hour chat supportCan be received. There is a launch manager who will provide support until the launch, and a merchant success manager that provides support in daily operation. Just listening to "Concierge" makes you excited with a VIP feeling!

Currently, support languages ​​are only in English, but in the future SHOPIFY JAPAN will start a concierge service, so you will soon be able to receive support in Japanese! (With expectation ...!)

Settlement fee

Regarding payment fees,3.15%Will be. (3.4%of basic plans, 3.30%for standard plans, 3.25%for premium plans)

Other functional aspects

There are many apps and customizations that can only be used in SHOPIFY PLUS. Let's take a closer look at the next chapter.

What are the additional functions and benefits of Shopify Plus only?

Let's take a closer look at the outline of Shoppi Fi's plus plan, and also look at the functional features in detail. With the top VIP plan, the price is expensive, and there are many convenient functions that can only be used with the Shopify Plus plan.

Store can be duplicated

Allbirds-online-Store Allbirds location selection screen

With the PLUS plan, you can have up to 10 stores in Japan and overseas, so if you build one store, you can duplicate up to nine stores. It is possible to have another page depending on the country, such as .com, .co.jp, and .co.uk, so you can market not only in language but also for currency notation, localized seasonal items. hey.

Operation of B2B store
It is possible to operate a B2B store protected by a password. Batch discounts, individual delivery rules, and products dedicated to wholesale can be set.

Number of staff accounts unlimited
Staff accountUnlimitedYou can issue it (up to 15 accounts in the premium plan). Of course, access restrictions on the management screen can be set for each account.

Check -out screen customization
You can put a free product in a cart with a discount code, or put a custom field such as a gift message input field when checking out.

Gift card API


Gift cards can be registered and sold as products, or to customer as rewards. (As of September 2020, this gift card function has been released to all Shopify plans due to the impact of Corona's business!)

Multipus API
Using "multi -pass", you will be able to log in seamlessly between the SHOPIFY store and another website. For example, when you transition to the SHOPIFY store from your own WordPress site, you can log in as it is with the e -mail address information registered in WordPress.

Since user information can be saved on your own site, it can be said that it is a useful function for clients who are not only SHOPIFY or other services that want to register users!

Automation of notification to business operators

Shopify-flow-app Shopify Flow

Use the "SHOPIFY FLOW" app that can only be used with the plus plan, and form a logic.Automation of notification emails for business operatorscan.

Example) Automatically send inventory replenishment to warehouse@email.com when the stock is 5 remaining.

Campaign schedule

Shopify-LaunchPad Shopify LaunchPad

Using the "LaunchPad" and "Script Editor" of the PLUS -only application to set the campaign period in advance, during that period.Sale is applied automaticallySo, customers do not need to enter the coupon code for the discount. In addition, there is no work to press the start button of the sale in the manual.

Example) During the holiday season, 30 % OFF all items → 30 % OFF automatically applied to all items

Simultaneous email transmission when data migration
If you use the application called "Bulk Account Invitor", which is a dedicated application, you can send emails for password reset at once when resetting an account due to the platform switching (e -mail by segment according to the purchase price, etc. It is also possible to send)

Recommended product display accuracy
The recommended product section function of the product page, which is equipped with Shopify's Default function, did you know that the logic of the product display is different between the SHOPIFY PLUS plan and the plus plus?

In fact, if it is a normal plan, recommended products are displayed based on, and if there is no data, the logic is just displayed.

However, in the case of the SHOPIFY PLUS store, it will also display recommended products from the similarity of the product description, so it will be possible to display products that are more close to products that are more customer (at this time (at this time similarity). Judgment is only possible in English).

this isSHOPIFY Developer DocumentIt is introduced in (English), but SHOPIFY PLUS may still have such a hidden merit! I'm thinking ...!

If you look closely, you can see that there are really many limited features. And I think that functions that can only be done with Plus will be added in the future!

4. Shopify Plus brand example

Check out what brands currently use SHOPIFY PLUS. The response is only English, so there are still few Japanese companies in SHOPIFY PLUS, but it is expected to increase in the future.

Here, we introduce the SHOPIFY PLUS brand that has a Japanese store and is developing globally!

Allbirds: Allbirds is very popular with shoes made from natural and sustainable materials in each country. The actual store opened in Harajuku in January 2020 and became a hot topic! ALLBIRDS has succeeded in managing the actual store and one online store under the roof, using SHOPIFY POS.


Tsuchiya Bag Manufacturing: The store of Tsuchiya Bag, which has many chic and high -quality leather products, is also Shopify Plus! It is one of the few Japanese companies of PLUS.


KOALA: KOALA, a bedding brand from Australia, is also SHOPIFY PLUS! It is featured in various media and is growing in popularity in Japan.


5. Summary

By the way, I tried summarizing SHOPIFY PLUS, but how was it? If you have any problems with SHOPIFY, please feel free to contact us if you have any problems with the built new store!

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