What are the new features announced in SHOPIFY EDITIONS SUMMER 2023? Introducing the hot update!

by Takushi Matsuura

the other dayShopify Editions Summer ‘23 Was announced!

Various and small update information has been released, have you already confirmed it?


This time, we will introduce some of the hottest contents!



It has been announced that the Shopify Bundles app will be released.

Until now, it was necessary to separate the sale of Bundle and the set products in SHOPIFY in stock, and the introduction of a 3rd party application was necessary.

However, the release of this app will make it easier to implement!

It is an application that can be used for free like Flow etc., so you can try it off!

Shopify Bundle


In recent years, AI has expanded in various fields due to the remarkable development of AI.

AI will take a step in SHOPIFY.

that is"Sidekick]


Change the theme according to the request,

Create QA automatically

It plays an important role in business.


It is expected that AI and Shopify will be mixed more dense in the future.


B2B function

You can create a B2B store in SHOPIFY,
The function is also added every year.

The lot and price can be set for each product with the "catalog" function of the management screen.

It can be easily set such as volume discounts, making it a useful function for B2B users.

Flow is available on all plans

Until now, the FLOW function that could only be used with a standard plan can now be used with basic plan.

Flow can now be used in the merchant store that wants to minimize the cost of EC operations, as small business aircraft is small.

About FlowHere


EDITION is announced every time, but how was this time?

I'm looking forward to adding SHOPIFY functions after 2024!



Account Manager



One -stop offered from EC construction to advertising operation.