[Travel] The CIP lounge of Istanbul Turkish Airlines is amazing! And you can use it for just 3000 yen! ?

source:Turkish Airline guruoftravel Upgrd Upgrd This is an introduction because the construction was completed and used at the end of 2014, and it was outstanding even though I used many Star Alliance lounges at Turkish Airlines at Istanbul Attulk Airport. Compared to the lounge with a very high quality such as Changi, it seems that one head is completely missing. At that time, I was a star alliance gold member, so I was able to use it as it is, but even if there is no milestus, you can use this lounge even if you pay. As of October 21, 2015Turkish Airlines WebIt seems that you can use it for less than 3,000 yen for less than 3000 yen if you get on the Turkish Airlines international flight. However, the lounge -based information is often changed, so please check in advance. Normally, I think that those who do not have status are standard for those who do not have status, both in Japan and overseas. There are some lounges that are not worth at all, but I think this lounge of Turkish Airlines is quite cheap if you put it for 3000 yen. If you have no status in the future, you will go to Istanbul or if you stop by transit, you will use it without hesitation. First of all, the ceiling is high and the entrance is large from the entrance. CIP Entrance
Check in at the counter and pass through such a gate to enter the lounge. High -tech feeling
As soon as you enter, you can see something like a billiard stand and a large bookshelf book on your right. Img_4577-1024X768 And if you go inside, this lounge, which is a stairwell, is something different from other business class lounges! I thought it was overwhelmingly wide. It is a composition of the 2nd floor of the basics. There are also skylights everywhere and very open! Cip Lounge Hall Bathrooms and super beautiful flowers are alive and I am surprised. CIP BATHROOM2 CIP BATHROOM If you think there is a billiard, there is a golf scheme letters this time. CIP GOLF There is also a radio control course. TKCIPLOUNGE-45_7298bf_640_0_0 Enhanced drinks Img_4558-1024X768 IMAC can be used freely Img_4571-1024X768 The TV lounge space is also large, and the sofa was so fluffy that I could sleep here. CIP LOUNGE04 There were many new shower and beautiful number, so I didn't have to wait. IST-LOUNGE-3 And there is even a sleeping room. If you tell the concierge, it will prepare a room. I don't need an airport hotel anymore. This is more convenient than the hotel cip_gorsel_07-1018X460 TKCIPLOUNGE-31 There is a space like a courtyard and there is a greenery, so calm this tea confectionery was delicious. Img_4567-1024X768 Catering is also fulfilling, and the cock will make omelets in front of you. tkCIPLOUNGE-12_45b976_640_0_0 TKCIPLOUNGE-31 tkCIPLOUNGE-49_7975A4_640_0_0 I've been using dozens of business lounges around the world, but I feel like there is no better lounge in business classes. If you have a drop in Istanbul, please try it once.

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