[TOKYO OLYMPIC 2020] Surfing and skateboard addition

source:Yahoo News SurfparkCenteral.com
In the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the Games Organizing Committee has decided to propose five candidates for baseball, softball, karate, roller sports (skateboarding), surfing, and sports climbing to the International Olympic Committee (IOC). On the 25th, it was found in a interview with multiple stakeholders. At the additional species review meeting held in Tokyo on the 28th, it is expected to be approved by about 16 events among the five competitions. It will be officially decided after the IOC General Assembly (Rio de Janeiro) in August next year.
In addition, surfing is one step closer to the official decision. I am looking forward to adding a skateboard to surf, skateboarding, and snowboarding all the Olympics. Actions sports, which have an increase in user population around the world, I would like to be officially decided in August next year. Where is the venue for surfing? In summer Japan, it is quite difficult to hold a world -class tournament (especially near Tokyo) because the wavy guarantee (the probability of waves) is quite low? I personally feel. When it comes to this, will we make a population wave peel near Tokyo with a system introduced by Wave Garden and [KOBE-REYES] Kobeley? I can't help but worry. Click here for Wave Garden article   [KOBE-REYES] Click here for Kobeley's Webpool article

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