What kind of app is "SHOP" that is a topic that you can have a better shopping experience than Amazon?

by Sara Takahashi

Do you know SHOP, an online shopping app for the SHOPIFY store released this year?

InstagramYou can easily follow your favorite store and create your favorite feed to get product information only for shops you follow. And it's spam -free.

The other day, this article"Popular in America! 5 convenient apps 2020
I introduced it a little, but this time it is actuallyShopI will introduce the contents I tried!

Click Add Shop to easily add the store

Click on Visit Shop to easily check the website of your favorite store! Shopping is possible as it is

SHOP Pay can be paid simply by entering Emial once you join.

It is possible to track the ordered products in detail

You can check the purchase history in detail

The status of the ordered product is confirmed in one place and it is easy to manage

Easy to contact the shop you ordered

You will receive notifications regarding shipping.

Even if you shop from SHOPIFY's website, shopping information will be added to the SHOP app automatically.

Using the SHOP app makes it easier to shop online.
In addition, it is very easy to use because you can manage Shopify's website and products purchased from SHOP in one place!

Please enjoy shopping using SHOP once!

(As of July 2020, only the English version is released, and a merchant that introduces Shopify Payment is displayed.)


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