SHOPIFY can make not only EC sites but also corporate sites! Commentary including case.

by Mitsuaki Akatsuki

Do you create a corporate site (corporate site) using SHOPIFY?

SHOPIFY is mainly known as an e -commerce platform, but can also be used to create a corporate site.

SHOPIFY is a flexible platform and can add various functions using themes and apps.

This time, I will explain with the benefits and examples of creating a corporate site using SHOPIFY!

Advantages of creating a corporate site using SHOPIFY

There are five benefits to creating a corporate site in SHOPIFY.

  • Monthly cost is low
    • SHOPIFY that can be used from $ 29/month. You can use the world's top -level infrastructure at this price.
  • Can be operated with no code
    • SHOPIFY can basically operate with no code. It is available from simple custom to advanced custom. Stress -free operation is possible with no code.
  • marketing
    • It is a fairly good platform in terms of marketing by linking with KLAVIYO and LINE, as well as functions that are provided as standard, such as cooperation with SNS and site analysis function.
  • Strong against SEM/SEO
    • The title and meta information can be updated with no code, and the XML file is automatically generated. Even if you do not have knowledge about SEO, it has a function that can take countermeasures, and it is possible to extend it with apps if you want to have more advanced functions.
  • If you are interested, you can sell goods
    • Since it is a platform specialized in EC, it can be sold immediately, for example, if you want to create a company novelty goods.

Example of creating a corporate site in SHOPIFY

In fact, GO RIDE's corporate site is also created in SHOPIFY.

Originally created with WordPress, it was renewed in SHOPIFY.

The renewed factors are not only the above benefits, but also the achievements as a SHOPIFY PLUS PARTNER.

What changed after renewing the site with Shopify?

Here are some things that have changed by renewing the corporate site from WordPress in SHOPIFY.

Inquiries have increased

About half a year after renewal, the number of inquiries has reached a record high. It is also possible to improve the SEO effect by blog writing and the improvement of site quality by expanding content.


Improvement of security

WordPress is open source, so security vulnerabilities are shouting. Security measures are essential for using WordPress.

In that regard, SHOPIFY has thorough security measures as follows.

  • Get PCI DSS Level1 and ISO27001
    • SHOPIFY has cleared PCI DSS Level1 and is almost the same as financial institutions. We also meet international standards for information security called ISO27001.
  • Two -step authentication
    • To log in to SHOPIFY, you basically need two -step authentication. Using Google Authenticator and Yubikey, you can log in with high security.
  • Always SSL
    • Although it is now a must -have SSL, of course, SHOPIFY is standard on SSL as standard. No setting is required.
  • 24 -hour system monitoring
    • SHOPIFY monitors the site 24 hours a day. Even if a problem occurs on the site, it is almost time to solve it immediately.Shopify StatusYou can also check the operation status.

Convenience of renewal

Go Ride's corporate site has a lot of customization in design, but most parts can be edited with no code. It is created so that anyone can easily update it.

For example, if you look at the TOP page of Go Ride as an example, you can edit all text and images replacement with no code.

Go Ride Corporate Site Management Screen
Go Ride Corporate site management screen

EC site and corporate site in SHOPIFY

The EC site has already been made with SHOPIFY, but the corporate site is often called WordPress.

Both are SHOPIFY, making it easier to operate on the same platform, so some clients have renewed the corporate sites together as well as creating an EC site.

Go Ride Corporate Site


Here are the benefits of creating a corporate site in SHOPIFY.

  • Monthly cost is low
  • Can be operated with no code
  • Security measures are also perfect
  • It is also strong in marketing
  • Strong against SEM/SEO
  • Goods can be sold if you are interested

SHOPIFY is suitable for not only EC sites but also corporate sites!

Why do not you produce a corporate site on SHOPIFY on this opportunity?

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

Suddenly inquiries are a little ... You can check the material immediately by automatic reply email!




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