Regarding SNS in Japan

by Takuma Sato

What are SNS marketing expected to grow in the future?

What are SNS marketing expected to grow in the future?

Do you usually use SNS for work or private?

In Japan, SNS apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and LINE have become established, and I think many users use both public and private.

This time, we will introduce SNS that can be expected to use business in Japan in the future.

Number of users of major SNS in Japan

▼ Number of users of major SNS in Japan

1st place: LINE 95 million people

2nd: YouTube 71.2 million people

3rd place: X (former Twitter) 66.58 million people

4th place: Instagram 33 million people

5th: Facebook 26 million people

Number of users of major SNS in the world

▼ Monthly Active user ranking of major SNS in the world

1st place: Facebook 291 billion

2nd: YouTube 2560 million

3rd: WhatsApp 2 billion

4th place: Instagram 1480 million people

5th: Wechat 1260 million people


The table is the data on the number of SNS users in the world and the number of domestic users,

About 30 % of the world's second -place YouTube, about 20 % for Instagram for Instagram.

However, despite the fact that Japanese SNS and Wechat, which are popular SNS in the world, can be set in Japanese, the number of users is small in Japan due to the establishment of LINE, and it is becoming Galapagos.

Regarding X (formerly Twitter), the number of US users in the United States is 769 million, and Japan is ranked first in Japan, which is the second largest in the world, and is popular in Japan.

Regarding the popularity of X (former Twitter) in Japan, the fact that "kanji" can express words with a small number of characters compared to the alphabet, and the length of the train travel time in the metropolitan area is the factor. It is analyzed that there is.

What is the popular SNS in the future?

As with fashion trends, SNS has a trend, and there is a change in trends in SNS, such as mixi and previous profile that were popular in Japan around 2004.

The SNS I would like to recommend in the domestic SNS situation where such trends have changed are "PinterRest".

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a tool that discovers and organizes ideas that make your life more enjoyable, such as recipes, interiors, and fashion. Pinterest has countless pins, so you'll find an idea to stimulate your inspiration.

Born in the United States in 2008, it is a visual search tool type SNS that is rapidly expanding mainly for young and high -sensitivity generations. The number of companies is increasing.

As of 2023, the number of users worldwide is about 46 billion, and in Japan, about 6.93 million people are not larger than other SNS, but it is said to be an SNS that steadily increases users. Masu.

How do you use Pinterest?

Although it is such a Pinterest, there are many examples of business use among global companies such as LEGO, GAP, and UNIQLO.

However, there are still few promotional cases in Japan, and the reality is that it has not been used much.

Because of SNS that is good at visually making products, it is compatible with products and services such as interior, apparel, beauty, cooking, and travel, and if you use your business account, you may be able to approach young users. 。

According to Neomarketing Co., Ltd., 48.2%of Pinterest users answered that they often buy and sometimes buy products on SNS.

From this point, it can be seen that Pinterest is an SNS that cannot be ignored for business use of SNS in Japan this time.

Pinterest good case of promotion

Let's take a look at promotional examples using Pinterest.

"MUJI" in Japan. In the world, the company, which is also a specialized retailer that is popular around the world as "MUJI", also has a Pinterest account.

The storage examples and interior cases using MUJI products are published on the board, and the number of followers is 40,000 (as of April 2024), visually appealing the company's functional products.


Next is the Pinterest account of Rakuten Gourmet, a recipe site operated by Rakuten Group Co., Ltd.

By introducing the dishes posted on Rakuten recipes on recipes and cooking photos posted by members users in Pinterest, it is easy to see by arranging photos of beautiful dishes on the board on Pinterest and can be understood by users. It is displayed easily.


Pinterest's official account of the women's magazine "El Japon" and "El Digital" published in 45 regions around the world.

In addition to fashion, Pinterest uses various information such as beauty, wellness, gourmet, lifestyle, and culture with visual + title text information.



So far, we have introduced the characteristics of Pinterest and the recommended reasons, but compared to Instagram and X (formerly Twitter), there are fewer users and you will not be able to wipe out the developing image.

However, there is no doubt that SNS is expected to be used globally and brand accounts gradually and will be expected to be used in business in the future.

Major SNS, such as Instagram, X (former Twitter), and Facebook, have already become a business account, and if you create an account from the beginning, you must start with the securing of followers.

Grow your account from a stage with few competition,

The foresight to prepare for the boom is very important in business.

Create a Pinterest business account before another company comes in and make a difference from the competition.



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