"LINE utilization x cross -border EC" meat -up was held!


The GO Ride team held a two -day meeting with Transcosmos Technical Research Institute on September 17 and on September 18 at Wework ICEBARG (Harajuku) on September 18.
This meet -up with the theme of "cross -border EC" and "LINE utilization". We had a guest speaker for floor standard Co., Ltd., which operates D2C brand YouTokyo.

Go RideANNA, who is in charge of marketing in CEO Hirashima and LA, will be on stage.
Marketing trends and tips in the United StatesI talked about.

  • O2O (Online to Offline Funnel)
  • Email Automation
  • IRL (in Real Life)
  • Giphy (Popular Social Media / Stickers and Animated Photos)
  • AR (Alternative Reality)

From Mr. Takada of the Transcosmos Research Institute,Cooperation with SHOPIFY × LINE "BUY button settings that can be done immediately"Was taught.

The audience was also interesting to the lecture on how to set up BUY Button in cooperation with LINE.
In addition, we introduced "Kisuke" of Transcosmos's original service.

What is Kisuke?

Push notification, original rich content distribution, and repeat purchase users can be expanded using LINE. Chat bot + person's real -time chat supports directly when you want a user.

Mr. Takada, who has more than 10 years of experience in the EC industry, has many functions that he wants to add. In addition, it is said that the SHOPIFY app is being considered in the future! If you are interested, by all meansCHECK from herePlease try it.

By Miura, a guest speaker floor standard"How to make customers using LINE from product development in D2C"
Hair care brand You Tokyo Is a D2C brand born from the representative Takamatsu -sama's natural perm.
Under the keyword "Natural perm is an advantage", it is operated by SHOPIFY online sites, how to show web magazine and how to create content. In this session, we taught how to use LINE by floor standards with a lot of experience in the "Web x Mono -making x EC industry"!

By utilizing LINE, you can create co -creation with customers and lead to sales. " By using LINE ... ① You can pick up the customer voice ② Get the trust of customers ③ You can close customers ④ You can increase sales

It is very interesting to be able to increase customer trust by conducting customer support through LINE, and that you can get your customers to get your own needs by involved in a commercial conference, and to have customers convert them to yourself. I was able to hear the story.

Thank you for coming to many people, despite the weekday night!

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