SHOPIFY site production story I heard from overseas EC launch staff [Part 2]



Today's article is the second interview with MIHO, who was in charge of the US EC site.

Last time, we asked about how Kamakura shirts launched a US site in SHOPIFY PLUS. I was able to listen to various real voices on the site and interviewed me.

[SHOPIFY] Site production story at SHOPIFY, which I heard from an overseas EC site launcher

This time, the theme is "Operation".
Kamakura shirts have been successful without using web ads.I would like to ask what kind of operation it was performed.

Omni -channel of stores and EC, Lewer's Program

The Kamakura shirt had a store in New York before the start of the US site.

When I wanted to deliver products throughout the United States, it was still difficult at the actual store alone. Before creating a US site, we responded by cross -border EC, but as we mentioned in the previous interview, there were parts where the hurdles were high for customers, such as "tariffs" and "delivery".

By creating a US site, we have a system that allows customers all over the United States to shop.

For Kamakura shirtsPoint system common to both online stores and storesThere is. Was it effective?

yes.A rewars program was introduced as a repeater measure.
If you shop, you will get points and you can use it as a coupon for $ 50 for 5000 points. There is a member rank, and the redemption rate of points will increase according to the purchase price. The return rate is also quite good :)

To introduce the Lewer's program LOyalty, Rewards and Referralsuse.

Customers on the West Coast can usually use the online store when they come to the NY store, even if they usually shop only online stores.

I couldn't add points when it was only cross -border EC. The establishment of a store and EC, the formation of a common point system, has led to repeaters and fans of the store. It's been more than seven years since I opened a shop in NY, but there are quite a few platinum rank customers. For top business people, shirts are a must -have item, so once you like it, it's a product that many people repeat.

Fashionable people community made on Instagram

How did you use SNS?

From the beginning, SNS was mainly aimed at brand awareness. So sell it very much! It wasn't like that.

The people who appear on Instagram are models? Is it?

There are also staff at the store, but we repost the customer's dress as it is. It is a customer who wears a hashtag of Kamakura shirt.

By reposting the dress, the number of people who want to be here has increased, and the recognition that "fashionable people gather is Kamakura shirts", and Instagram has become one community for customers.

With the image of a “stylish brand”, it naturally led to actual sales, and sales went up.

I heard that there was no post boost for a fee. Too terrible.

About e -mail magazines and content production

What kind of operation did you operate about e -mail magazines?

The e -mail magazine was distributed once a week. The contents include new works, special features, articles focusing on one product. This isKLAVIYOIt was operated by.

We gathered e -mail magazine members at online stores and actual stores, and gathered members during shop events such as order shirt campaigns. If you don't distribute it, your sales were different.

You can talk, but it's nice to order shirts!

In the order shirt campaign, we make a custom shirt that suits you. You will come to the store, you will actually choose the dough, fittish and tailor a shirt that suits that person. For example, I wore a ready -made shirt and was very well received by customers who could not be satisfied with ready -made products, such as "I want you to squeeze a little further." It is a service that can only be provided offline and only provided customers with customer service and measurement.

I think it's a nice service. You will also love the product.
Please tell us about the production of the content that was being worked on.

Introducing the area of ​​Kamakura, the founder's blog, and content for customers who like Ivy style, etc., to convey the values ​​of the brand.
In addition, youTube was distributing customer interviews.

▲ Customers who interviewed Miho interviewed by Miho at the 7th anniversary of the New York store. When you listen, it's a comment that really tells you that you are a fan of shops and products.

The secret of success is word of mouth

I think Kamakura shirts are very successful brands in overseas expansion, but what do you think is the best reason for the US business?

I think it's a word of mouth. Kamakura shirts are a brand in Japan, not advertising or magazines in the days when there were only actual stores, but once a customer who wore it to the surroundings of the product is spread by word of mouth.

Even in the US business, the word of mouth is great.By setting up a store in the middle of NY, influential people, such as customers and influencers who spoke in the YouTube interview mentioned earlier, came to the store. If such people are recognized as "this product is good!"

Now, reviews on the Internet are also important.

for exampleYelp Limited word -of -mouth site. Most of the 81 reviews have 5 stars. After seeing such a real word of mouth, I think that you were able to come to the store and make a brand awareness.

Famous magazines such as GQ and SmithSonian were featured, but I wonder if it was a big deal in the center of NY. Because there are many large publishers.

It means that the plunge of the store in the middle of the NY throat became an advertisement.

laterOf course, the quality of the product itself is important.No matter how good the word of mouth is, if you actually come and think, "What? I wasn't as good as I thought." andThe most important thing is the greatness of the store's service.

I think that we were able to keep high -rated reviews with product power and staff.

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