Explains how to sell digital content at SHOPIFY!


In recent years, there have been a wide variety of digital content, such as music, videos, e -books, and online courses.

This time, I will explain how to sell such digital content at EC and the merits and demerits of digital content sales.

In addition, we will also introduce recommended applications to realize digital content sales at SHOPIFY, based on the achievements of built an EC store that handles digital content on our EC platform "SHOPIFY"!

What is digital content sales?

What is digital content sales?A business model that sells content for those who want to know information on the web. There are various types of content that will be sold, and as an exampleText content andVideo content, music content,Voice content,There are online seminars.

Unlike tangible products, once you make it, it can be sold repeatedly to many people. There is no need to replenish inventory, so it is easy to enter and there is little risk of failure.

Advantages and disadvantages of content sales


・ Low indirect cost

The initial cost is reduced because there is no need to have stock and there is no shipping fee.

・ High profit margin

Most of the sales can be profitable because the product cost is not repeated.

・ It can be automated by system

Automation by system can reduce labor burden. Once you build it, you will not be able to work on it, so you can focus on content creation.

・ The product is flexible

As an example, it is also possible to charge a monthly subscription fee and license contract that can access limited digital content, so you will have the option of how to incorporate digital content into your business.


・ It takes time to create content

In general, it takes one disadvantage that it takes time to create content because it is generally necessary to create it yourself.

Unlike products that are purchased and sold, you will have some time to create. In addition, since the content has trends, it is important to maintain a sense of speed and quality.

Competing with free content

There are many free content, so you need to make it added value.

・ There is a risk of unauthorized use and leakage

There is also a disadvantage that there is a risk of unauthorized use and leakage. Unlike material products, digital content obtained by downloading can be easily duplicated, so it is necessary to take risks with appropriate tools and reduce risk.

Content sales method

  • Use content sales platform

If you use a platform, you can easily use the functions required for content sales, so it is a low entry. Also, if you choose a platform with many users, it has the advantage that it is easy to attract customers.

However, since the platform is charged, the fee for subtracting the commission from the product sales is a substantial profit.

・ Use the online shop

If you want to create a brand and story, we recommend launching an online shop.

Even if you do not have knowledge of site construction, you can easily launch an online shop, and if it is a highly recognized platform, it is also a merit for SEO.

・ Create your own sales page

The site you launch on your own can provide a more free business model because you can customize the design and functions. Another great advantage is that it is easy to differentiate from competition.

Furthermore, since the usage fee for using an existing platform is not required, all profits are the administrator.

Therefore, it is a method that gives a higher profitability when the business is expanded.

How to start content sales

1. Market research

It is necessary to investigate market trends, such as whether the content to be sold is high, there are many competitors, and the quality of the content is at the market.

2. Sales methodsetting

Once the content to be sold is decided, set the sales method. When using a platform, it is recommended that users of the same genre can easily gather.

However, since it can be realized in terms of design and functional aspects, it is recommended to launch a unique site if you want to differentiate from competitors or consider long -term business models.

3. Content creation

Next, create the content to be sold. If you prepare both free and paid ones, free content will be the recognition of the seller's concept and attract customers.be connected. If the content of the free content is good, it will be possible to guide to the purchase of paid content, and it can be differentiated from free content.

4. Selling content

Set the payment method and download method.

If you sell content for the first time, you may not be able to sell immediately. It is also important to use SNS and notice on the site to get content recognition.

How to sell digital content in SHOPIFY

  • Disable product delivery

    You need to make sure that all registered digital content is unnecessary. Delivery unnecessary settings can be disabled by removing the "Items that require delivery" from the delivery section of each product page.

  • Use SHOPIFY dedicated app

    In order to sell digital content in SHOPIFY, you need to introduce a dedicated application. This time, we will explain in detail the recommended app at SHOPIFY, so please take a look. The SHOPIFY app can be easily installed from the official store.

  • Set the mail template

    In digital content sales, you need to create an email that can notify you of the purchase and download completion. Set the mail template according to the content.

Introducing recommended apps at SHOPIFY


Sendowl is a paid app that can be sold by sending download links by sending videos, e -books, photos, photos, patterns, audio, software, podcasts, and other types of files.


What can be done

  • Send the download link of digital download content
  • Restrictions of downloads
  • Since the download link is sent, for example, it is possible to sell limited public videos of You Tube.
  • Display a link on the thank you page
  • Link display in order confirmation email
  • Display links on your account
  • Analysis of revenue, product, and place
  • Report creation

Rate plan

There is also a free plan, so you can have a 14 -day free trial.

  • Starter: Free Plan
  • Growth: $ 15/month
  • Pro: $ 39/month

"Digital Downloads"

Digital Downloads is an application that allows you to directly sell digital files such as e -books, digital art, and graphics. To link with the SHOPIFY store and seamless, you can easily and quickly, add digital files to new or existing products, track your order, and send directly downloads to customers.

Because it is a free app, it is recommended for those who want to try digital content sales without cost.


What can be done

  • Automatically sends download links for digital download content
  • PDF, JPEG, ZIP file, etc. can be added directly to the product from the app
  • Restrictions of downloads
  • Combination of product variations and digital files
  • Mail template settings

Rate plan



In recent years, it has already become a digital content user, and many people use it on a daily basis.Digital content can be tried without great risk.

By all means, please try and sell digital content!

If you want to start digital content sales at SHOPIFY, please consult Go Ride once.

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