Go Ride Story Vol.2: From entrepreneurs to SHOPIFY experts

by Miho Kumagai

What kind of culture and values ​​do Go Ride, which are based in LA and Yokohama, have? GO RIDE's past, present, and future are delivered through interviews with working members.
The previous"What kind of person is Vol.1 representative?"Again, this time, I interviewed whether Hirashima, the representative, started a business from the world's sides of the world, and has changed and grown.

Business at the time of entrepreneurship

Currently, GO RIDE, which is mainly Shopify Store and digital marketing, is now a SHOPIFY expert. Can you tell us how you started a business and what kind of business you did?

I came back to Japan around the world, and I decided to do my own company anyway, so my business was not solidified, but I immediately started registering at home. The first business at the time of the start was "GO RIDE", a car phase riding service.

I went to an engineer study session and developed a shared app. I also met Lily, a partner who is still cooperating. As a matter of fact, the service itself does not sound and does not fly. I also interviewed TV on the way, but it didn't match the market, and honestly, I started a contract work if I couldn't eat it. We built a site on WordPress, MakeShop, etc., and we recruited employees for the first time because customers came in a little time.

That was the beginning of Go Ride in Japan. Did the United States start a business later?

Well, it was momentum. (Laughs) While going back and forth between Japan and the United States, I had no money and stayed at a rental car, but after hearing the story that we could do WE WORK in LA, I think we can register. I immediately registered in the United States. In the meantime, there were customers who wanted to use SHOPIFY while they were acquainted with and introduced many people. I was told that I would like to update and analyze the site.

It was connected to SHOPIFY from your request! I think that there were only a few experts when SHOPIFY came to Japan, but Go Ride was relatively early in the expert. If you do not act, the connection will not increase, and if you do not have a good evaluation, you will not be able to introduce it.

I agree. In 2018, SHOPIFY has entered Japan, and SHOPIFY JAPAN has begun to introduce customers, and we have begun to focus on SHOPIFY. At that time, I think there were really few experts in Japan and could be counted with fingers.

What is the current Go Ride? Still phase 1.

I think it has been evolving in various ways, but in the long term, what is the current location of Go Ride phase?

It's still phase 1!This is the fifth term now, but I am reflecting on this phase 1 has taken too much time.

The possibilities in the future are endless! Now it is phase 1, but I think SHOPIFY is at the center of the company's business. Is it going to be so in the future?

As EC and DX are progressing, there is a COVID-19, which is definitely the best platform. I don't think the main axis will shake from here.

When SHOPIFY came to Japan for a couple of years, I think that there are many things that have been used as a phase for a new challenge in Japan using SHOPIFY. I want to make the moment of boosting more together.

I agree. There are various business scale and phase customers, so I would like to take a flexible response, such as customers who launch brands from 0, those who want to challenge the border other than Japan, and those who want to move to SHOPIFY from other platforms in Japan. is.

We Work Ocean Gate Minatomirai. 2020. 07

Go Ride's strengths that recommend SHOPIFY

I think SHOPIFY has an advantage that even those who do not know coding can easily build EC, but what is the strength of requesting a Go Ride?

From one -stop strategy planning to operation supportWhat can be done consistently is a major strength. You can support from the first phase to start your business, including advertising operation, on how to sell.There are offices in LA and Yokohama, and the cross -border and North American business are strong, so it is also an advantage that you can become a long -term partner including local circumstances in real time.is not it.

In the part that is strong at cross -border and North America, there are still a lot of English information on the construction of a SHOPIFY site for Japan in Japan, and many new features of SHOPIFY will start in Europe and the United States.You can also leave EC using SHOPIFY in Japan!

We Work Ocean Gate Minatomirai. 2020. 07

What did you think?

If you have any questions regarding the construction and operation of EC site at SHOPIFY, please feel free to contact Go Ride.

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