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The world's largest EC platform SHOPIFYTo build an EC site and sell productsHave them recognize the siteThat is very important.

For example, when selling piercings in Mercari, it may be displayed by those who search for "earrings" in the Mercari app and sell piercings.

However, in the case of Shopify, your site is not displayed by searching for piercings in SHOOPIFY. in short,How the inflow of customers increased exposure and recognized by peopleIs important.

This time, I will explain content marketing that transmits content and increases the number of accesses to the site.

What is content marketing?

First of all, I will explain what content marketing is.

Content marketingThis is a marketing method that creates and distributes attractive content, builds a relationship with customers, and leads to achieving business goals.

As you send content, you can deliver your business to non -existing customers, gain the trust of customers and increase interest in products and services.

The following four specific examples of content marketing are listed.

Example 1: Blog article

A blog is a major means of content marketing. By providing information and knowledge regularly, you can solve readers' worries and problems and build trust. For example, companies that sell health foods can provide readers and increase their interest in products by sharing health information and recipes on a blog.

Example 2: Video content

The video is visually, easy to understand, and has the power to appeal to many people. Utilizing platforms such as YouTube and Tiktok, you can improve your brand awareness by using products and entertainment content. For example, a cosmetics manufacturer can create make -up tutorial videos and provide useful information and technologies for viewers.

Example 3: SNS Marketing

SNS is an effective platform for spreading content.TwitterorInstagramFacebookBy using SNS such as, it is possible to communicate with customers by distributing content that matches the target layer. For example, fashion brands can provide styling ideas on Instagram and interact with followers.

Example 4: Influencer marketing

Influencer is a person who has many followers and has an influence on their opinions and actions. In partnership with influencers and introducing products and services, it is possible to gain the trust of customers and bring out the willingness to buy.can. For example, a travel agency asks a popular travel blogger for a partnership, and the blogger can experience the travel destination and introduce accommodation facilities to reveal interest in the company's services.

Example 5: Email marketing

E -mail marketing is a way to make direct contacts using customer email addresses. By sending newsletters and promotion information regularly, you can maintain communication with customers and lead to repeat purchases and new products. For example, online bookstores can stimulate customers' willingness to buy this list and sale information for readers by e -mail.

In this way, content marketing is a marketing method that not only increases the probability of people in the company, but also builds trust with customers and enhances the value of the brand. Using methods such as blog posts, video content, SNS marketing, influencer marketing, email marketing, etc.Providing valuable information and entertainment to customersYou can ultimately lead to your business goal.

From now on, when conducting content marketing on e -commerce sites built on SHOPIFYRecommended tools to useI will explain about.

Email marketing (KLAVIYO)

KLAVIYO(Krabiyo) isFor EC sites and online businessE -mail marketing and SMS marketing platform. For SHOPIFYIntroducing the app from SHOPIFY's App StoreIt can be used by this.

KLAVIYOMarketing automationCustomer segmentation,andData analysis functionWe can enhance communication with customers and improve sales.

1. Marketing automation

KLAVIYO offers an automatic function to automatically send emails and SMS based on various triggers. For example, you can send a welcome mail automatically when a new customer registers in the mailing list, or send a cart recovery email to customers who have left the product in the cart.

2. Customer segmentation

KLAVIYO can be divided into various segments based on customer purchase history and behavioral data. This allows you to distribute target messages that match specific segments and carry out effective marketing activities. For example, you can send a promotional email of related products to customers who have purchased products in a specific category in the past.

3. Data analysis

KLAVIYO provides a function to analyze the collected customer data and campaign performance data. This allows you to understand which email campaign is the most effective, which customer segments are the most responsive, and can be used in future marketing strategies.

4. Integration

KLAVIYO can be easily integrated with e -commerce platforms such as SHOPIFY. This makes it easy to incorporate information such as customer data and purchasing history, and can achieve efficient marketing activities.

Blog transmission (Bloggle)

The next tool I would like to recommendBloggleIt is a tool specialized in writing blogs. Bloggle can be introduced from SHOPIFY App Store like Klaviyo.

Regarding BloggleHereIf you are interested, please read it!

And in fact, I am writing this article that you are reading now using Bloggle.

Personally, I think that Bloggle's biggest strength is an intuitive UI, and I have no experience writing a blog, so I can now use it immediately!

The functions required for blog writing are also substantial

in this way

UnderbarCancellation lineitalicbold, Emoticons😎There is almost no problem with writing blogs. 

Not only me is highly evaluated, but also in SHOPIFY's App Store.Star 4.9We have received the evaluation!

By all means, use Bloggle to achieve the influx of customer and the trust of the brand by transmitting blogs!

Influencer marketing (SHOPIFY COLLABS)

And the last tool to be introduced is the influencer marketing tool provided by SHOPIFY.Shopify Collabsis.

In the pastOther articleBut if you are interested, please check it out!

According to Shopify formula, Shopify Collabs

"Market Place Style Apps that will help you collaborate with merchant and creators"is.

In other words, it was the neck of the site made at Shopify.

How to increase the inflow into customer sites,Applications useful for collaboration with influencersabout it.

SHOPIFY COLLABS, like Bloggle, downloads from SHOPIFY's App Store.You can use it for free!

This is the actual SHOPIFY COLLABS app, but entering the conditions in this way will display an influencer that suits your marketing!You can search by specifying the area and the genre you are good at.

However, Shopify Collabs is a service that has just begun, and there are some incomplete parts.

In addition to the email marketing and blog transmission introduced this time, the influencer marketing isIt costs moneySince it is a content marketing, let's use it carefully while determining the strengths and weaknesses.


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