What kind of engineer working for Go Ride? ~ Interview Our Engineering Expert ~

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What is the real face of a foreign engineer working at the Go Ride Japan branch.
~ The True Face of A Foreign Engineer Working at the Japanese Branch of Go Ride ~

Introducing the engineer Pedro!

First of all, please introduce yourself!

My name is Pedro Bougas. I'm a back -end engineer manager on Go Ride. I'm from Miami, Florida. After traveling in Tokyo a few years ago, I loved Tokyo and wanted to be a member of this city, so I decided to build a career in Japan. Fortunately, it's been two years since I came to Japan!

Please tell me your background before joining Go Ride!

I got an IT degree, and after graduating from college, I started technical support for health desks. From there, we moved further to hardware and server maintenance. In college, I took a class that introduced C ++, but I liked it the most! After noticing that, I decided to return to school to pursue coding. Since then, I love this job without looking back!

Transfer to joining the company

Please tell me the opportunity to join Go Ride!

At the time of the interview, it turned out that Go Ride is a growing company. I felt it was a company that was still small but growing. I thought it was exciting and wanted to be a member of the team members! And I wanted to feel closer to this company as a GO RIDE member and help me!

What kind of work have you been working on since joining the company?

I believe that it is important for team members to provide the best position to succeed. If you can, everyone can grow and learn. If we succeed, the company should be successful.

About Go Ride culture

Please tell me the organizational structure of the GO RIDE engineer team.

The main team is front and backend. We work together to work together. I use a function called node.js, React, Ruby on Rails.

Diversity of Go Ride

Please tell us about the diversity of the engineer team.

In fact, our team is quite diversity. There are Japanese team members, but there are also team members in Thailand, Australia and American. I am glad that I can work surrounded by various human resources. Programers always have to solve problems, so teams with different perspectives are very useful.

Do you feel that the language barrier is difficult when you work in Go Ride?

I don't think it's difficult. Everyone here is very kind and wonderful! In the office, English is used among all teams. I would like to study more Japanese to get along with other teams, but there is no problem with data work!

"GO SUBSCRIDE" developed by the engineer team

I heard that it is a fairly large project called "GO SUBSCRIDE", which is working on apps developed by the engineer team. Could you explain the project?

GO Subscride is a SHOPIFY app that allows you to subscribe to the customer, depending on the functions set by the customer, so that the product is shipped every month or weekly.
Go Ride apps are passionate and proud. In Japanese e -commerce, regular purchases are very major. We are trying to fill the blanks of SHOPIFY's subscription. We work with the best engineers every day to respond to the functions of various clients.

GO SUBSRIDE seems to have a lot of work for Japanese companies, right?
Does that mean you have a Japanese interface?

I agree! There are English and Japanese!

Are you developing apps in -house besides Go Subscride?

We also work as a client. We are making custom apps for various clients. E -commerce has many unique problems that businesses face. Our job is to solve such problems. There are many other projects, but GO SUBSCRIDE is an app that we are passionate about.

Being aware of the team

Go Ride has heard that there are engineers in the United States. How do you communicate with the members as the leader of the engineer team? Please let me know if you have any tools used for communication!

It is difficult, especially if there is a time difference from overseas. However, we believe that engineers can enhance productivity by adjusting each other's time. I use Slack as a communication tool, give meetings every week, and confirm that everyone has the same idea! In particular, I would like to talk with overseas engineers little by little every day to support their position whether everything is going smoothly and there is no problem.

An environment where engineers can work comfortably

The engineer team has a front end and a back end, but how do you usually work? Are you working remotely, or are you coming to the office every day?

What we prioritize is to work as much as possible and to work safely. Whether it's a remote work or coming to the office, we don't mind! As long as the productivity is high and safe, it is our main policy.
However, Go Ride is based in the flexible office WEWORK for both Japan and the United States, and Work is a very easy -to -work environment! Drinks are free and the desk is comfortable. I think it is a good work environment to increase productivity. There are many members who come to the office like me. On the other hand, there are engineers who work remotely!

And there is COMPANY LUNCH every other Friday! Many members are participating! It is very good to enjoy both fun time and delicious meals.

It's a unique company that holds lunch with a company member!

Skills required as an engineer

As a lead engineer, please tell us the characteristics and skills you want to join Go Ride.

The most important thing is the general interest in coding. If you don't like what you are doing, it will appear in your work. Those who are eager to examine the solution, and those who rely on solving unique problems. That's the same, even if you have many years of experience. I have hit the wall. However, by overcoming it, I think it will grow. We are looking for those who take the time to challenge, fail, and do not succeed!

You mentioned earlier that you are using technical tools such as Node, React, and Ruby on Rails, but what kind of technicians are currently recruiting in the front and back end positions are a little more specific. teach me please!

React is very convenient and used well in the front end position. I am looking for people who can use general HTML, CSS, and Javescript. In addition, those who can understand Vanillia JavaScript and jQuery are also adopted!
For backends, we mainly create apps with JavaScript, but we also create Ruby on Rails apps, so if you have this knowledge, it will be useful for your work. I often use GraphQL, so I think this is also useful for work. In addition, the experience of other programming languages ​​such as Python and the experience of using apps in Django are also welcome! We welcome those who have the experience of creating an app with the desire to learn new things!

Future goals

The last question!
Please tell me your future goals for GO RIDE as an engineer manager!

As a short -term goal of Go Ride, I want to make GO SUBSCRIDE a number one subscription app in Japan! For that, we are doing our best.
The ideal future is that it is a place where GO RIDE members can work happily, and that team members continue to grow and help each other. I think that is the best way of working!


This time, we interviewed Pedro, a GO RIDE engineer manager!

From now on, we will publish the interviews on the official YouTube of Go Ride in the video, so please look forward to it!

If you want to work with us or are interested in engineers, please contact Go Ride anytime!

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