What kind of atmosphere is the American share office? Introducing Go Ride LA Office!


In this article, I will introduce the office that is the base of GO Ride's LA.

If you are considering WEWORK and other share offices in the United States and other countries, please take a look!


Our office is located in Playa Vista, right next to Los Angeles International Airport.

Like Yokohama's office, it is based in WEWORK.

About the Wework of Playa VistaHere

WeWork Playa Vista

The second and third floors of this building are on the Wework floor.

Next, let's enter the building!

Sharing space

3F Shared Space
Shared Space 6
Drink and Food Space

This is a shared space on the third floor.

There are quite a few chairs, desk and sofas.

Game in Shared Space
Shared Space 5

There are shuffle boards that you sometimes see in American bars, etc., or mysterious bird neon. It is unknown whether it is really necessary for the office, but ...

ESPRESSO Machine with CEO

Coffee, tea, healthy drink called kombucha, etc.Is all you can drink.

Drink snack vending machines were also set up last year. It's not a convenience store everywhere like Japan, so it's a point that helps sober.

Drink and Snack

In this shared space, there are regular events sponsored by WeWORK and events such as product introductions of companies, so you can also enjoy interaction with people in WEWORK.

(Most events sponsored by WeWORK only distribute juice and sweets ...)

By the way, chairs and desks are also installed on the terrace, so you can eat snacks and refresh. It is also a nice place in this office that you can relax in the comfortable temperature of LA.

Outdoor Space

Office space

This is the Go Ride office space.

Go Ride Office

The LA office is currently using space for 6 people.

In addition, there are many rooms from one person to office for large number of people.

Outdoor space

Desks and chairs are also fully equipped as a rest space outside the building.

There are days when the kitchen car is coming, and the lunch on a sunny day is crowded.

Outdoor desks and chairs
Outdoor Benches

There are some places where hammocks are installed, and you can often see people sleeping and resting during lunch.


How was it?

If you are interested, let's work together in a comfortable office!

As of January 2023, Go Ride is actively adopting each position.

Regarding recruitmentHerefrom.

We look forward to your entry!

Go Ride

Go Ride

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