What is amazing about Shopify Plus Partner? What is the difference from SHOPIFY EXPERT?


I want to create my own EC site in SHOPIFY, expand my business and expand!

In such a caseShopify Plus Partner of Go Ride Please leave it to you.




… SHOPIFY PLUS PARTNER? What? Can anyone be? ?

... like thisI think that many people do not come to the point even if they hear the word Shopify Plus Partner.

So in this article

What is Shopify Plus Partnert in the first place?

What is the difference from Shopify Expert?

Isn't it actually easy?

I will answer these questions!

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What is Shopify Plus Partner?

First of all, what is SHOPIFY PLUS PATNER?

Shopify Plus Partner is officially certified by SHOPIFY

Companies and organizations that have a deep understanding of the SHOPIFY platform and have expertise in fields such as design, development, marketing, and strategies.

They are supporting SHOPIFY companies to achieve their business goals and optimize their online stores.

in short

Shopify Plus Partner

Officially certified by SHOPIFY

Companies with deep knowledge about SHOPIFY

It is like a title that means that.

"Officially certified" feels a sense of security!

What is different from SHOPIFY EXPERT and SHOPIFY PARTNER?


Shopify Expert or Shopify Partner There is a company that has been certified as.

Everything is similar and complicated. 。 。

I think it's hard to understand what is different.

These titles are from SHOPIFY PARTNER companiesRankIs indicated

The higher the rank, the more reliability you can do and the more you can.

Looking at the actual rank ...

1. Shopify Plus Partner

2. Shopify Expert

3. Shopify Partner

You can see that Shopify Plus Partner is the top rank.

Of these threeThe most difficult title to get a certificationSo,

Companies certified by SHOPIFY PLUS PARTNERCompanies that are highly reliable and often can doThat's it!

Furthermore, if you look at the number of companies that hold each title

As of January 2023

While there are more than 90 companies certified by SHOPIFY EXPERT

Companies that are officially certified as Shopify Plus Partner

20 companiesIt is only the top titleTitles that cannot be easily acquiredYou can see that!

The 20 companies officially certified as this Shopify Plus Partner

Like using Shopify PlusWe also support large -scale merchant (company).(The explanation of SHOPIFY PLUSHerefrom)

On the other hand, one lower rankShopify Expertteeth,Support for 5 or more companiesIt is a title where you can get a company with experience, so it can be regarded as a company that has not been as good as SHOPIFY PLUS PARTNER but has already supported several companies.

And it will be the bottom rank Shopify Partner Is a title that can be obtained only by applyingI don't have a lot of track record yet, but I'm going to work seriously on SHOPIFY support.You can think of it as a company you are doing!

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How can I become Shopify Plus Partner?

I think that there are few companies that have been certified by Shopify Plus Partner so far, and how are they recognized as Shopify Plus Partner?

However, if you pay if you pay, you are not very reliable.

But, of course, it is not recognized as Shopify Plus Partner.

On the official website of SHOPIFY

  • Your business isAchievements that have been trading with a rapid growthBe

  • Your business is regarded as a sort leader in commerce and is recognized in public markets as well.

  • Your business isWorld -level solution at SHOPIFY PLUSEquipped with the technical expertise and commercial knowledge necessary to build

  • Your business provides end -to -end services and has the ability to respond to a number of complex solutions

  • Your business isHas a portfolio that leads to a successful merchant.

at leastAll of these conditionsNecessary to be certified

It is explained that even if these conditions are met, it may not be certified.

A track record that succeeded in supporting the growth of large -scale companiesWhat is there?

It will be a great sense of security while deciding a business partner company!


From the explanation so far, I want Shopify Plus Partner to support your business!

If you feel that way, by all means

Shopify Plus Partner of Go Ride Please leave it to you!

Go Ride Co., Ltd. is EC construction using SHOPIFY, digital marketing, advertising operation, etc.Long -term partner that supports business success from various anglesis.

As you can see from the fact that it is actually certified by Shopify Plus Partner

Achievements that have supported the business of many companiesthere is.

First of all, please feel free to contact us by quotation or consultation alone.

Let's further develop your business with the support of a company with special knowledge of SHOPIFY!

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