What are the causes of slow and heavy blogs? 2 display speed check tools

by Tomoe Onishi
If you run a website and blog, the display speed may be slower due to various causes such as an increase in articles and content.

If the display of the top page is slow, there may be a situation where you will be withdrawn in the first view and you will not be able to see the important contents.

The problem of the viewer (the line speed is slow, the PC is low specifications, etc.) cannot be solved from the perspective of the creator, but if it is a problem of the creator, we can take measures.

Improvement of display speed has many advantages, such as reducing the burden on SEO, UX (user experience) and the server.

Pages with slow display speed will be withdrawn

There is a report in Google's survey that 40%(53%in mobile) will leave the page if it takes more than 3 seconds to display.

Mobile users have a high withdrawal rate, so if you want to find the cause of slow speed, it is essential to check not only PCs but also mobile.

If you feel that it is slow, use a check tool that can easily understand the cause.

You can use it simply by entering the URL in the browser without installing any of them.

You can check your PC and mobile.

Page Speed ​​Insights


A tool that allows you to check the performance of the website developed by Google for free.

Because it has a Chrome extension, it is convenient to introduce it if you use Chrome in a browser.

You can also check at the same time whether it is mobile -friendly (optimized for the smartphone function).



You can measure the score simultaneously using PageSpeed ​​Insights provided by Google and YSLOW provided by Yahoo!

Since the specific cause of slow speed is known, WordPress can determine the burden that is burdensome.

You can save the result with PDF.

The display speed and performance check can be used to be easy to use these tools, so use them regularly to create sites from the user's perspective.

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