The status of the SHOPIFY app BUILT FOR SHOPIFY is also updated the algorithm in the app review

by Toyo Hirashima

What is SHOPIFY's app badge Built for Shopify?

This system is a badge status that is only given to apps that have cleared the highest quality of more than 8,000 SHOPIFY apps, which have been introduced in the SHOPIFY app market since February 2023. There is a screening for all quality, design and performance.

For businesses that install the app, there is a benefit that can easily distinguish the highest quality apps that have been inked by SHOPIFY.

Built for Shopify a New Way to Shine!

The expression is cool.

Advantages as a developer side

1. Search boost

The number of displays increases because it is given preferential treatment in application search

2. Easy to Spot Badge (easy to find badge)

The business operator can easily find badges on the app page and search page, so it is easy to get trust.

3. Promotion Opportunity (increase in promotional opportunities)

Displayed in the recommeded app section of the app on the Shopify Admin page

To get the badge of BuilT for Shopify

1. Understand the standards

SHOPIFY reviews the four categories.

  1. The safety and security of the application
    1. You can uninstall cleanly during uninstallation
    2. Using the appropriate API, Extension
  2. performance
    1. Speed ​​on the ADMIN page of the app
    2. There is no impact on the display speed of the store, etc.
  3. Easy to use as a design
    1. Can provide seamlessly unified UX when embedded in Shopify Admin or POS
  4. The appropriate updated information is listed on the Shopify App page

2. Complete the task

Understand the above criteria and update the app as needed.

The latest steps as the first stepApp bridge I recommend using.

Also in SHOPIFYDesign Guideline It is necessary to design in accordance with here to review.

3. Apply for Built for Shopify status

Apply for BuilT for Shopify status from the partnet dashboard.

As of June 2023, the following criteria must be met.

  1. Number of app installation:Lowest50 timesCumulative pure installation
  2. Number of reviews of apps:Lowest5 casesReview
  3. App evaluation score:The minimum evaluation in the Shopify app store
  4. Optimization process for mobile
  5. Do not use the Asset API


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