Rob Machado's tips for barrel ride [3 steps]

Style Master Rob Macadhade talks 3 steps of barrel ride
  1. Take a deep position that is too deep and pull in
  2. Control the speed in the barrel and take as much as possible in the barrel
  3. Always consider the position where the lip falls, and be aware of the igget (exit)
Unfortunately, it is rare to be a barrel condition on the average beach in Japan, but maybe it is better to look at it and do image training? It is said that the foam ball (the lip is falling and the foam is like a bubble) is very large. By the way, you can see the world's top surfer How to Video from this site HURLEY SURF CLUB! If you want to improve, Must Watch! SCREEN-SHOT-2016-09-08-AT-7-08-35-PM

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