Remote work in the United States! How to work for GO RIDE designers


Go Ride has an office in Yokohama and LA, but some members are working in full remote.

This time, we interviewed Mitsuaki, a designer who has been working in full -remote from Chicago, USA.


TOYO: Today, Calphone is delivered in front of the Los Angeles office.

I don't know what the articles of Go Ride News and the employee interview (laughs)

I counted it before. But now I don't know now.

This time, I usually asked Mitsuaki in Chicago to come to LA on a business trip, so I would like to interview this LA office.

Thank you for today.

Mitsuaki: Please.

TOYO: First of all, can you easily tell me how Mitsuaki's background would have become a designer?

MITSUAKI:I became a designer first graduated from an art university,First of all, I worked a little at the printing company, but after thatFocusing on the webI got a job at a design office. So I was a designer for about four and a half years. After that, I entered Go Ride.

TOYO: I see. What kind of design was in the web design company?

MITSUAKI: Mainly a corporate corporate site, an entertainment music office site, and a fashion brand site. Also, I was doing a little app design.

TOYO: You're doing something like corporate sites, LPs, and app design.


Full -remote work style from Chicago

TOYO: How many years have you lived in the United States now?

MITSUAKI: Now, I have been living in the United States for about three years.

TOYO: It's a form of work from Chicago, but it's a basic full remote, and I get to LA from time to time in this way. Working from Chicago in full remote, what is the flow of the day?

Mitsuaki: Yes, it's time, but I'm working in LA time.In Chicago, I work in time from 11:00 in the morning to 8:00 in the night.

So, I got up around 8 am, prepared, and ate rice. It's quite slow in the morning, so it's 11 o'clock (laughs).

From there, I often eat emails from Japan and check Slack, and eat at around 2 o'clock for lunch.

After that, there are quite a few meetings with members of the Japanese team from 5:00 to 6:00 in the evening, so there are quite a lot of meetings from there.

TOYO: There is just a two -hour time between LA and Chicago. From 9:00 in the morning to 6:00 in the evening, you are working in the form of Chicago from 11:00 in the morning to 8:00 pm.

In the morning, the day before, I did what I came from Japan, and I was told such a meeting from the evening.


As a designer

TOYO: What is what you are asked as a designer for Go Ride?I wonder if there is a specialized type of e -commerce.

MITSUAKI: The difference between corporate sites and e -commerce is that there are many places where you can design freely on the corporate site, but in the case of e -commerce, it is designed along the system.

If this is a bit of a design, it can be difficult. I think that there is a difficult place for E -commerce designs that are quite difficult if you do not have any basic knowledge about the SHOPIFY system and theme.

In the case of e -komas, I think it is necessary to know not only the front but also the back.

TOYO: That's right.After grasping what the system is, it is a design that can be proposed with a realistic man -hours.

MITSUAKI: Especially in SHOPIFY, there are places where this part is absolutely impossible. If you do a unusual design, you may not be able to do it, so I think that part needs a little knowledge.

TOYO: SHOPIFYHYDROGENI think that the degree of freedom is getting higher, including that. It means to design after understanding the restrictions of such systems.

TOYO: Is there a design to design with consciousness of conversion?

MITSUAKI: For example, a button to put in the cart very noticeable.

Looking at the analytics, we have proposed such a design, such as issuing products from where the number of accesses is large, to connect the flow to product information.

TOYO: I think that there is a designer in GORIDE and designing the site construction, LP design, banner, and creative design.What is the highest percentage of this business volume?

MITSUAKI: Yes, is it the best to design the site?I also designed Go Ride's corporate site.

There are quite a lot of customers who renew the site, so I think that there are many volumes to design the site.

TOYO: As a designer, what kind of person do you think is suitable for Go Ride?

MITSUAKI: That's right. Go ride says you want to do it yourselfIt's an environment where you can do it more and more, so if you are enthusiastic about wanting to do it yourself, I think it's really suitable.

Is it a place where you can really challenge? If you want to do it, I think it's a very good company to support everyone at all.

TOYO: Thank you (laughs)

TOYO: Yes, like that. The sunlight is still hot.It was such a shooting that it was really painful to not wear this sunglasses.

TOYO: Today, I was Mitsuaki, a designer from Chicago.

thank you very much.

MITSUAKI: Thank you.

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