"OUTSITE" co -working space integrated with the beach

Accommodation with the beach and co -working I introduced earlierOutsite [Column] CO-WORKING X Beach Life Office with the sea A co -working and accommodation facility that has developed the GET AWAY and GET FOCUSED (let's jump out and continue to concentrate). I thought it was a wonderful place to be able to surf and work, but Currently, it has expanded to four bases. SCREEN-SHOT-2016-12-01-AT-15-12-06 Benis Beach (LA), San Diego, Costa Rica, Santa Cruise, of course, the location of the sea At present, it seems that Facebook and Google are growing before using it at company events. Among them, I went to Outsite Venice Beach, which just opened on November 1, 2016. As you know, Venice Beach has many startups and tech -related companies such as Snap Chat, Google La, Facebook La, Next Space, and are famous as Silicon Beach Area. There are many stylish shops, art galleries, restaurants, etc., and it is a mysterious area with a mixture of the beach openness and the miscellaneousness of Shibuya. This Outsite was opened in VENICE BEACH the other day From here, please take a picture! It was difficult to understand because there was no sign outside yet. img_2673 It seems that it will be a space that has not been completed yet, tents and BBQ grills in the future. img_2663 The living room is very bright and is made to incorporate the light from the bright sun in California. img_2650 It was a house with such a glass that was so good that it was like this. By the way, it is unusual for the United States to take off your shoes at the entrance! This is a high point for Japanese! img_2629 The sofa area is bright and the sofa is fluffy and comfortable. img_2625 The kitchen area is quite large and four grills are applied, so it is perfect for cooking with a large number of people! img_2657 You can also work here here. img_2655 If it is boiled down a little, it is good to work on the terrace to suck the outside air. img_2647 When I go outside, there is a garden and it seems that she grows various vegetables. img_2635 And, of course, there is a space to put the surfboard. In the future, surf racks will be placed here and surfboards will be lined up (for guests for free). This bicycle can be used for free for any guests. In Benis Beach, it may be difficult to find street parking on weekends, so you can go to the sea in 5 minutes even if your bicycle is convenient. img_2637 I'm glad that there is an external shower. Now you can drop the sand and go up into the building. img_2634 What I thought was very devised is that I can get out directly from all the rooms on the first floor. So it's easy to go to the sea anytime ~ img_2639 In the rooms, all rooms have large windows and easy to incorporate lights. img_2621 Firehouse space on the 2nd floorimg_2618 There is also a terrace in this room img_2607 img_2614 Interesting making with windows on the ceiling, will you see a star at night? img_2606 img_2604 And the main attraction on the second floor is a big bathtub jacuzzi! There is also a shower in the foreground, and here is also very bright because the walls are translucent! The atmosphere is fully open that seems to appear in the terrace house! ! ! img_2608 This is also a feature, but the storage closet is overwhelmingly larger than ordinary accommodations. I thought again that it was designed to be able to live. img_2622 You can select a schedule from the top of the price plan web page and make a reservation, but you can also use it on a weekly basis or monthly. It is also possible to reserve the entire building. SCREEN-SHOT-2016-12-01-AT-17-22-22 In Japan, we sometimes see engineers who are looking for development training camps on Twitter, etc., but if you want to have a development camp overseas, this is a good place. 【Related article】 I went to the series the world's largest coworking WEWORK @ Silicon Beach (LA) 11 points [Column] CO-WORKING X Beach Life Office with the sea A new work style that has begun little by little in Japan, rural areas, remote work

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