Not just Black Friday! Main sale in the United States [12 selections]


If you say American sale, it's "Black Friday". However, since it is an event that is only once a year, some people may have forgotten it.

But don't worry! In the United States, there are times when many sales are held besides black Friday.

This time, I explained the time of major American sale, so please make an efficient shopping plan by referring to the article.

January New Year's Sale (New Year's Sale)

In this sale, Christmas gifts that were not sold this year and apparel products, mainly winter clothes, are cheaper. Let's start a fulfilling year using the first sale of the new year.

February Presidents Day Sale

The third Monday of February will be three consecutive holidays on President Day (President's Day). President -day sale, which is held during the three consecutive holidays, tends to be cheaper for high -priced products, such as mattresses and large home appliances, tend to be cheaper. If you are thinking of starting a new life soon, or if you have a daily necessity you want to buy, make effective use of this sale.

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March, April Easter Sale (Easter Sale)

Easter is an event that is not very familiar in Japan, but it is a major event in the United States that represents spring.

"Eggs" and "rabbits" are a cute symbol event, and during this period, winter clothes will be wiped out for spring. When you go to the store, you can see the unique decoration of Easter and cute items with eggs and rabbits as motifs.

May Memorial Day Sale

Memorial Day Sale, which is held mainly for three consecutive holidays, including Memorial Day on the last Monday of May, will sell products that make you feel the arrival of summer. In order to enjoy summer leisure, let's prepare goods such as pools, barbecues, camping, etc. here.

July Independence Day Sale (Independence Day Sale)

Independence Day (July 4) is a celebration of the United States's independence, and the whole town is wrapped in a celebration mood, with many fireworks rising on this day. The feature of this sale is that there are many discounts for expensive products such as furniture, PCs and tablets.

August Tax Free Weekend (Tax-Free Weekends)

At the end of August, some states will be held in some states. As the name suggests, the consumption tax will be exempted on the weekend, so if you are considering a large amount of shopping such as a car, please check it out.

August, September Back To School Sale (Back to School Sale)

The United States will reach the new semester from mid -August to September, a little earlier than Japan. The back to school sale starts there.

As the name suggests, stationery, backpacks, etc., which are used in schools, are cheaper, so students and those who have children are aiming. However, not only school -related products but also appliances are cheaper, so those who are not students are well worth checking.

September Labor Day Sale

Raver Day is a day to respect American workers, and there is an image that the season changes from summer to autumn after this day.

If you don't want to have a summer product stock, you'll get the stock on this day, so if you want to get activity goods to be used next summer, this day will be your aim.

Black Friday
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November Black Friday (Black Friday)

If it's a sale, it's black friday. It is a big sale sale on the next day of Sunkus Giving (November 4th Thursday). Please note that shopping malls on this day are so crowded that they cannot be entered in the parking lot.

About Black FridayHerePlease check it out as it is summarized in the article!

November, December Cyber ​​Monday

In Cyber ​​Monday, online shops will be sold at the online shop for Black Friday, which will be sold at stores. Because it is a sale online, I think that it is relatively easy to check the price at normal times.

Let's list what you want to buy in advance and purchase a good product smoothly, compared to the normal price.

December Super Saturday

Super Saturday is held on the last Saturday before Christmas. In this sale, products such as cosmetics, perfumes, accessories, etc. are likely to be on sale, such as lined up in department store gift stores.

If you are thinking about giving a Christmas gift to your loved ones, please check it out!

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June, December End of the Season Sale

It is a sale held at the end of spring and the end of the year. It is a perfect sale for those who want to shop outside of the holiday season, and it is mainly held to sell out inventory, so many left -handed goods are sold.


What did you think?

It is an American sale event where Black Friday is famous, but there are so many sales.

I think that planning a shopping while considering the difference in products by sale will help you save a lot of money, so please take a look.

The article summarizing the Black Friday, the largest sale event in the United StatesHerefrom.

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