Leave the access analysis report creation! How to use Google Data Studio [Template available]

I think many people create reports with Google Analytics as a web analysis, but this time we will introduce some steps to create an analytics + other data using Google Data Studio.

What is Google Data Studio?

Google Data Studio
https://cloud.google.com/data-studio/?hl=ja Google Data Studio (Google Data Studio) is a free BI tool. If you have a Google account, you can use it online immediately.

What you can do in Google Data Studio

〇 Creating reports by consolidating multiple data

You can create and visualize the required data from multiple data.

Collective data Google Analytics, Google Spreadsheet, Google AdWords, Atlife 360, BigQuery, Cloud SQL, MySQL, YouTube analytics, etc.

〇 Dashboard that can be used non -plastic

The items prepared in the sample are set in advance, so you can easily create a graph.

Sample ten plate Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google AdWords, YouTube Analytics, BigQuery, Google Sheets, etc.

〇 You can easily share

You can choose a shared method according to the situation, such as shared with URL only, approval of account itself and shared (browsing only / editing).

〇 Images can be added to the report

Images such as logo and icons can be used, so you can create more original and visible reports.

How to use Google Data Studio

To create a report in Data Studio, you need a Google account linked to Google Analytics. You cannot get data unless you open it with a common account. 1. Create a new data source to be extracted. For the first time accessing the data, press the approval button. 2. The approved data is displayed. Select and press the connection button. 3. This screen will be displayed, but press the report creation button. 4. Press the addition button to the report. 5. Select a graph and drag the cursor (move +) to extract the data set by default. You can create an original report using "data" and "style" on the right if necessary.

Google Data Studio report features

・ It is a function in the analytics report, but when the cursor is combined, the values ​​for each day are displayed.

・ Filtering is possible by date and category, and the filtering function is convenient compared to analytics, and the display is easier to understand.


Created as a sample of analytics + console report! Please use it freely from this link. (For editing, login is required for Google account) https://datastudio.google.com/open/1q310HZSAx6XRhNnbdc8sRg_qFzMxoBqg

important point

Only online data is shared and there is no printing function. However, the browser printing function can be used and can be converted to PDF.


Google Data Studio can work online with Google accounts and easy to share. In addition to the web analysis report, you can also visualize documents, so how about making materials?
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