[Latest in 2023] WISHLIST for SHOPIFY (Favorite) App Ranking!

by Hajime Ozawa

Even if many users access the site, most of them will not lead to purchases.

So, so that we can connect even a little, our go -ride recommends the WISHLIST app (favorite app).

In this article, I would like to introduce the best favorite apps that have been popular since last year!

What is your favorite app?

First, I will explain what a favorite app is. To put it simply,

This is an application where site users can register a product on the list you want to buy a member account.

Do you need so much?

Favorites are the most important features on the EC site. This is because if the product you wanted when you access the site in the past is on the list, it will remind you and lead to the purchase.

for example:

  • I want to buy a product but I don't have money!
  • The product amount was high! (But if you look at it now, it's on sale)
  • I want to buy it someday, but now it's good!
  • Wait for the sale!

I think there are many users who leave the site.

So if you have a favorite app, if your member account is registered in the list, when you access the site again.【Recall】I think the probability of purchasing/purchase will increase.

I would like to introduce the most popular favorite apps in the SHOPIFY app store now!

2023 Go Ride Recommended favorite app

Then, I would like to introduce the best favorite app in 2023.


First of all, [WISHLIST PLUS] is in the top!

We recommend here and set it to various clients' EC stores.


Apprist allink

Image from Shopify App Store


Simple and easy to set!

You can easily install on the site theme. Since the management screen is also simple, the design adjustment can be performed without any problem.

Favorite data!

By clicking your favorites, the application automatically takes various data. in real timeEven if the user does not buyYou can see which product is popular. You can also check how long you are registered a day, how many favorite registration functions you are currently using, and how many items you have registered.

Alert distribution!

For example, you can distribute EMAIL alerts to customers depending on the discount, low stock number, and restocked products.

Sharing your favorite list!

Users can send their favorite lists for friends and family on SNS, Email, etc. For example, during Christmas, children can create a Christmas present list and send them to their dad and mother.😆

Translation OK!

It is also possible to convert the language of favorite functions on the store to Japan. Please contact us if you need it because it is possible to support app support or to be Japanese by coding!

Save for Later function!

By adding a product to the cart and deleting the product on the cart page, "I don't need it," a pop -up can be displayed and the product can be stored in the cart. The saved product is added to the Save for Later section under the cart page, and when the timing of purchasing comes, you can easily return to the cart by clicking "Move to Cart".

Image from Swym
Image from Swym


  • Display your favorite number of registrations on the product page
  • You can use your favorite function without registering as a member

App cost

Image from Shopify App Store

WISHLIST PLUS has the number of times the user clicks on the favorite button and the number of sessions (users add products to list in 30 minutes, use Save for Later, such as using Save for Later = 1 session. (Counted with a new session) -Save for later Click there is a limit, and there are four plans based on the number of times. If there is no problem with the number of favorite clicks in one month or the save for Later 20 times, we recommend a free plan.


2nd place [WISHLIST HERO]!

It is recommended for those who use only your favorite function and can easily set up apps.


Apprist allink

Image from Shopify App Store


Simple and easy to set!

It is an application that can be easily installed on the site theme of "ONE-CLICK SETUP". The button design can be easily adjusted.

Image from Shopify App Store

E-mail notification!

You can send a reminder to your favorite user when the price and stock of the product is low, such as WISHLIST PLUS.

Multi language!

It is also possible to make the language on the site into Japanese, not English.

Wrist sharing!

On SNS, users can share the list they have created.

Image from Shopify App Store

App cost

WISHLIST HERO has a free plan up to 500 products (button clicks), and other plan costs are better than WISHLIST PLUS.

Custom branding, notification reminder mail function, etc. are from the following plan.

WISHLIST HERO also has a simple analysis function on the management screen, and has a necessary favorite function. There is no Save for Later or detailed analysis data like WISHLIST PLUS, but it is recommended for those who do not want to spend so much monthly costs and their favorite functions.

🥉 Growave

Third place is [Growave]!

There are royalties and review functions in addition to their favorite functions. A function to increase sales is a set with one app.

app name: Growwave

Apprist allink

Image from Shopify App Store

Manage all functions that increase sales with one app!

Royality, reviews and favorite functions are all available. Famous brands such as Kappa, Mustela, LEGO, Logitech, OPPO, Forever 21, KOOKAI are used on the Shopify app page. Royality is, for example, 1000 yen = 1 point, and if points are accumulated, exchange for gifts.

Notification function

You can send alert emails, like the above two favorite apps. It will be distributed to users who have added and added products on sale or on sale.

Share on SNS!

You can share your favorite list on Facebook.

Image from Shopify App Store

Data of each function

Royalty, reviews and favorite functions are available, and they will take analysis data for each function.

The following is the analysis data of the favorite function (it is not much different from the above two apps).

App cost

Image from Shopify App Store

In addition to your favorite functions, there are reviews and royalty functions, so it seems that the plan is divided by the number of orders ordered in the January month. There is a 30 -day free trial period, but it will cost you monthly.

If you like it, it is recommended for those who want to manage reviews and royalty with one app ( * If you want to divide the app on the way, you may not be able to transfer data easily).

If you want to use separate apps or do not need three functions, we recommend the above two apps.

Favorite app (other)

Below are other favorite apps.


This is an app that is similar to the 2nd place WISHLIST HERO! However, comparing the setup, it may be a little complicated because Wishlist King does not support OnlineStore 2.0, so you have to touch Liquid considerably.


Apprist allink

Image from Shopify App Store

The function on the store is the same as the normal favorite app!

The basic functions are available for the time being. It is possible to install your favorite button on the product page, collection page, etc. However, as mentioned above, it takes a little time to set up. I think that there is no problem for those who are good at coding, but if you want to set it easily, we recommend the above three apps.

Support helps!

If you are using other favorite apps and want to change to this app, the app support will help you migrate data.

Also, if you want to customize the app, it seems that the app support side will respond.

App cost

Image from Shopify App Store

There are no functions restrictions. The monthly application cost is determined by the store's SHOPIFY plan. There is a free trial period on the 14th, but then the monthly fee is charged for the SHOPIFY plan.

The setup is a bit worried about being complicated. 。 However, the evaluation of the app is 4.9/5 (the number of reviews is 297)! According to the reviews, the application support is very good, and the setup will be quick, so I included it as a recommended app for this article!


This is also a "simple" favorite app.

app name: WishList Rocket

Apprist allink

Image from Shopify App Store

Easy setup without coding

You can easily set it.

Alert distribution to users!

It is possible to restock and send a reminder alert.

Image from Shopify App Store

Change your favorite button and wrist design!

The design can be easily changed on the application management screen without any problem.

Image from Shopify App Store

App cost

Image from Shopify App Store

The plan is divided into two. It is a free and $ 10 plan. If you have no app branding, app chat support, unlimited favorite products, and add your favorite icons to the site menu, it will be a $ 10 plan.

There are no special features such as Save for Later like WISHLIST PLUS, but we recommend it because it is an app with a simple + monthly cost!


What do you think? Did you have a favorite app that looks good?

This time WINNER: 🥇 Wishlist Plus

Depending on the application and application monthly cost, there are functions that can be used and cannot be used, but if you are still, you should definitely install your favorite button on the product page and create a favorite list! I think that such a simple function will lead to sales in the future.

Our Go Ride supports the app settings. Favorite apps are also set in various clients' stores, so please feel free to contact us if you need support! !


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