Introducing apps where you can create a community page on SHOPIFY!

by Rin Hirashin

SHOPIFY can use it for various purposes, such as corporate sites and campaign sites, besides building it as an EC site.

Also, when built on a product introduction site, if there is a system that can share the feeling of use and those who are considering purchasing and purchasing, it may lead to an increase in the purchase rate.

This time, we will introduce an application that links the community page to the SHOPIFY site!

What is a community page?

It is a page where you can share and exchange information about common topics online.

For example, if you are considering purchasing, you have posted a question about the usage of the product, and the one who has already purchased it will reply.

In addition, the content posted can be confirmed by other people, so it is possible to develop the community on the page.

The app introduced this time is the app called "Shopicial ‑ Community Forum".

What is "SHOPICIAL ‑ Community Forum"?

SHOPICIAL ‑ Community Forum is an application that can easily build forums online.

Instead of creating a page on SHOPIFY, it is a mechanism to transition to the community page created by the external link.

Recommended for such people!

・ The FAQ page on the site alone is not enough

・ I want to make a product fan

・ I want to improve communication with customers

About plan

You can choose from three plans: a basic plan ($ 14/month), a standard plan ($ 29/month), and a premium plan ($ 59/month).

The main differences in the cost are the number of users available, the presence or absence of mail services, the use of the mobile app, and whether there is support.

How to use

You need to install the app and set the page first.

Installing the appHere

Image of dashboard

Once the app is installed, you can edit your forum from the management screen.

Setting in General Settings

From here, you can also set names, explanations, email notifications, and language settings displayed in the forum.

It is also possible to link Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.

Set on Display

You can select the logo settings displayed on the page, favicon, TOP banner, background color and character style.

In addition, it is also characterized by a wide range of customizations because fine colors such as button colors and borders can be changed.

The menu to be placed at the top can be added, and it can be installed on the transition to the product page.

Display image of setting contents

Settings on Template Hooks

Image of setting screen

By adding code on SHOPIFY, you can add content to the forum page.

The title used is divided depending on the position to be placed, so please check the title for your desired arrangement from the setting screen.

On the other management screen, the contents posted by the user can be confirmed, so you can answer the question on the page.


In selling products, there is a place where you can know about the product, which will increase the number of fans with confidence.

The "Shopicial ‑ COMMUNITY FORUM" introduced this time is free for the first seven days. Creating a community page can create a recognition place, so please try it if you like!

Go Ride also provides consultation on functional aspects and conducts an app survey and suggestions.

If you have any problems to build, such as whether you can add the function you want, please feel free to contact us!


Rin Hirashin

Account Manager/Designer

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