I tried using Squarespace, which has a reputation for being cool! Comparison with WordPress

I usually use WordPress to build corporate sites, but Squarespace Square Space, which is said to be No.1 for Pichi.

I used it for its own site in the United States.

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I actually used it and summarized the points and functions compared to WordPress!


  • Site can be built with almost zero coding Basic drag and drop all can be done with intuitive operation

You can easily add or delete sections by pressing Manage Section

You can edit the page on the sidebar, so you can easily edit it for each section

  • SSL support is possible with a single button, and it is not necessary to install a troublesome server certificate

  • Rich in templates (especially photogenic)

  • There are many templates that support video, but the video is linked with You Tube (when linked with YouTube, there is a loading time of the video)
  • There is an analytics -like console from the beginning, and Google Analytics settings are not required

  • There is no work such as a rental server contract, WordPress installation, etc. If it is a Pychi site, it can be built in Mach faster than WordPress
  • Unlike WordPress, there is no need to update such as WordPress or plug -in, so maintenance is not troublesome
  • It has a Commermerce function and it is easy to convert to EC site, almost one click

  • You can easily choose the payment system and you can easily select the currency to settle.

  • $ 16/Month is a great deal with SSL
  • Since multiple people can become the caretaker, there is no need to worry that the customer will be able to get the maintenance fee because the customer can put the credit card information on their own even if they ask the production company.
  • The e -commerce plan is also free for transaction fees (sales commission) for $ 30 -$ 46/monith per month! * The payment service seems to be either Stripe or PayPal, and the Squarespace sales fee is free, and the STRIPE payment fee in Japan was 2.9% + $ 0.30. Still, it's amazing that 0.5% cheaper than 3.4% + 40 yen of BASE, which is said to be the cheapest in Japan.

    Website plan

E Commerce plan

There are also web production companies that specialize in American Squarespace, but if you have a basic remote, we only have a web meeting and there are many places like production. That's right.

And what is goodClient directly with Squarespace and credit card contractThere is no worry that the maintenance fee will be blown by the production company because it can be done.

From the perspective of the production company, the unit price of such a Paichi project is reduced, so it is impossible to do it unless you mass -produce more efficiently.


  • Weak to SEO (and it is often said on English sites, but my personal prediction is that the sites made in SQAURE SPACE tend to have many cool images and tend to have few texts, resulting in weakness in search. I feel there is, if the page content is enriched, it will be solved almost solved)
  • For more details, please click here3 SILLY MYTHS about Squarespace Seo
  • The degree of freedom of the design tends to depend on the template (of course there are fields that can put Custom CSS, but it is difficult to make all the design changes flexibly, the impression that is not suitable for campaign sites etc.).

Japanese is not yet

Looking at the Crunch Base, you can get US $ 7 billion about 8 billion yen in two rounds.

At the moment, there is no Japanese in English and Spanish, but if Japanese comes out, it will be a big hit in Japan.

It is suitable for building sites such as restaurants and hospitals.

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