[DRIVE DATE] 12 Selections of Metropolitan Area Drive Date Cafe


1. Cafe the Rose / Cafe the Rose

The cafe terrace seats attached to the rose garden in Minatokurai Hill Park are recommended to have a pleasant spring and autumn terrace seats with a dog -accompanied atmosphere.

2. Ron Herman Zushi Marina / Ron Harman Zushi Marina

I haven't been to the author yet, but it seems that the fashionable and relaxed spot is definitely not a mistake as far as you can see. I want to go the most now in an atmosphere that I don't think is Japan
Tabelog Ron Herman Zushi Marina / Ron Harman Zushi Marina

3. Bills Shichirigahama / Bills

Shonan's classic weekends are very crowded around 9 am, so it is recommended to go on weekdays. It is a must to go at 8:00 in the morning at the same time as opening the store on weekends. It is easy to secure seats on the window side during that time. The pancakes while watching the sea are the best, and if you are a surf couple, you'll have a luxurious time after the surf in the morning. By the way, when BILLS is crowded, I would recommend the cafe space of the surf shop on the first floor of the same building Blue Horizon, but it is not on the eating log, so note here.

4. 40 Milesstation / Forty Miles Station

There are a lot of surfers in the store along the Kaigan Street in Ichinomiya, Chiba, and the hamburgers and the delicious staff are looking for a friendly sea for the weekend brunch date.

5. Breadworks / Bread Works

A cafe where you can drive by car because you are away from the station in Tokyo. If you drink beer at the next TY HARBOR, it is a cafe with a wide application range that can be used for reading and working alone from a dating with Barrett Parking from Shinagawa Station.

6. LIFE SEA / Life sea

A cafe with an atmosphere like Shonan in California like Shonan on the Italian restaurant cafe open high ceiling in Shonan T -SITE

7. CHANO-MA Yokohama / Chanoma

Yokohama Red Brick, a drive date iron plate location from Tokyo. On the small rise, you can take off your shoes and relax. Breakfast in bed like eating a branch on a half bed.

8. Anjin / Anjin

Drive date breaks The parking lot on the 2nd floor of the classic Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore is easy to stop, and after 7:00 pm parking is free for 2 hours. I would like to secure a sofa if possible, but it is always crowded, so it depends on luck. The price is never cheap, but I understand the taste and space.

9. Park Hyatt Tokyo delicatessen / delicatessen

After all, it is far from Shinjuku Station, so it is accessed by taxi or car. However, it costs 5,000 yen for Barrett Parking, regardless of eating at an accommodation or restaurant. I always try to stop underground parking, but it is difficult to understand access by car, so it is essential to prepare on Google Map. You can spend an elegant time sitting on the sofa at the 41F peak.

10. RH Cafe Minatomirai / Ron Herman Cafe Minato Mirai Store

A cafe attached to Ron Harman's apparel store. Fresh fruit juice is delicious. There is only a good cafe California surf shop to stop by shopping, and the space is easy to enter the spacious sunshine.

11. Ivy Place / Iveprace

A shop where you can use a classic courtyard cafe restaurant in Daikanyama T -SITE. The ceiling inside the store is also high and there is a sense of openness.

12. Amalphy Cafe / Amalfi Caffe [Old Store name] Amalphydolchae

The standard parking lot can be overlooked by the classic cafe Shichiriga beach along the 134 Tabelog that is small and difficult to stop the car, but the feeling of openness of the terrace is irresistible.Amalphicafe

13. ROYAL GARDEN CAFE Royal Garden Cafe Gaienmae

Royal Garden Cafe 2 It is located on the ginkgo laminated street from 246, which is easy to drive. There is also a parking ticket service (you can park in the next parking lot for 100 yen for 1 hour for 2 hours), so it is good to go on the great deal on the terrace.Tabelog Royal Garden Cafe
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