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by Sara Takahashi
Conte is the most important thing to increase SNS followers.It is said that posting 1-2 a day will increase the number of lies and followers. However, if you keep posting every day, the materials you have will run out and use the same content. 。 。 Then, the people who followed me will get tired of it, and the followers and engagements may be reduced.

Also, since you are doing content in Japan even though you are marketing for the United States, are you worried about materials, such as having no American atmosphere or not keeping on the local trend? Nevertheless, traveling in the United States and shooting it costs a huge cost and time. 。 。
Go Ride has an option called content day to solve such troubles.

In this article, I would like to introduce what is the content day, the benefits of shooting in the United States, and the flow of content days, such as the Contets Day Plan.

1, Content Day flow

① Strategy planning tailored to the trend

I think about strategies such as trends in the United States, trends in the same company every month, theme, photography, photos and videos, and coordination.
  • theme: Create a shooting atmosphere considering the theme according to the season, campaign, trend, etc.
  • Shooting location: Select the location in the United States according to the atmosphere you want to create. This year, there were many shooting at home due to the consequences of corona.
  • coordination: In the case of apparel, styling etc. is performed before shooting. In the case of food, tableware, cosmetics, etc., coordinates that match the brand and trend. The arrangement, angle, balance with other items, etc. are important.

    ② Preparation for shooting

    We arrange photographers, video graphers, models, styles, etc., and meet the schedule of the shooting date, the theme, etc. Also, prepare all the necessary items on the shooting date.

    ③ Shooting!

    2. Use of content

    Where can the finished content be used?
    • SNS:By creating an original content, you can enhance SNS engagement. By containing the American atmosphere in SNS, localization is possible. Go Ride also carries out SNS operations.
    • Product image: It can also be used as a product image of the website. In addition to the product image of the white background, if you have a lifestyle image, it is effective because you can imagine the actual use example.
    • Web site banner, advertisement:It can be used as an advertisement and a website banner with design.

        Content Day is also conducted in Japan, so if you have any consultation on content day, please contact us!


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