[BFCM] Are you ready? Introducing the promotion type

by Toyo Hirashima
By the way, summer is coming again this year, and when I take a break, it is Holiday season in no time.

BFCM (Black Friday Cyber ​​Monday) is an event in which people come to the city at once after the Thanksgiving, which is the most exciting sale event in North America in North America.

GROVE (Los Angeles shopping mall) full of HOLIDAY SEASON

About BFCM itselfPlease see SHOPIFY's article

The distribution amount is growing on the right shoulder every year.

During the BFCM period, it exceeded 300 billion yen in 2019, more than 25.5 million consumers purchased from SHOPIFY, and sales at peaks exceeded 150 million yen per minute. Also, in Japan, Japan, the cross -border EC may sound exaggerated, but 19 % of the sales during the BFCM period was shipped at the cross border.

Sales during the Black Friday Cyber ​​Monday exceeded 180 billion yen

In 2019 BFCM, the world's largest EC platform SHOPIFY's merchant achieved over 300 billion yen overall distribution! ~ Comparison with 2018 increased 160%~

In the year, the retailers are the busiest time, and every year, every year, the pattern is to use US to respond to the US every year for local promotion and emergency response. 。

At the Los Angeles Office, a Japanese staff with a Japanese staff at midnight@ la playa Vista work

Holiday Season Before, Sampling at LA
Holiday season is also busy off -in sampling.

Each client has a different store launch (entry to US) in US, but in stores after the second year, we often discuss promotions for BFCM since summer.

Depending on the product, the sales of many online stores can be expected to be more than twice the sales of REGULAR SEASON,
It will be exactly the time.

Even if it is a famous brand in Japan, it is often the case that the brand recognition is as close to zero.
Therefore, it is necessary to go patiently, but I want to be able to ride the waves well in the Holiday Season boost.

Advertising type

In many cases, the ratio of advertising type is switched to more directly conversion as Holiday season approaches. (However, CTR rises during HOLIDAY SEASON, but CPM also increases significantly, so be careful about budget management).

ADS Type to increase the budget ratio in September and October
Brandawarens ADS:
Display Ads (Google Display Ads Pinterest ADS, etc.)
Influencer Marketing: (Instagrammer, collaboration with YouTuber)
Media Ads Placement (advertisement to the media)

ADS Type to increase the budget ratio in November December
Facebook Carousel Ads
Google Shopping
Google Search Ads
Media Collaboration

Channel with high conversion rate
Source: Shopify

In addition, 69% of 69% of 2018 data is mobile in 2018, but even if you operate EC every day, even if it is more expensive, the flow that is purchased directly from mobile is perceived. I feel.

Customer support

HOLIDAY SEASON is confusing in logistics
In the EC, the selling and logistics are huge all at once, and the things are often gone.
It seems that UPS and Fedex drivers are busy every day until around 10:00 pm.

I myself myself last year Away I bought a suitcase during Holiday Season, but unfortunately it was no longer brilliant.
He immediately sent a substitute suitcase, but a quick customer support system is needed.

(If there is no return destination at cross -border EC, it is possible to send it to our US office).

Away suitcase finally reached the office

LP (landing page) and e -mail magazine of the centerpiece products

In addition to the introduction of the product that targets HOLIDAY SEASON, landing pages, e -mail magazines and creative production are in parallel.

For a limited time, the creative and content unique to Holiday Season, it gives it a rareity.

Here are some Holiday Season LP. sourceLeverage Marketing

Wine subscription siteWinc Holiday Gift Landing Page

Club W Holiday Landing Page

And the same is true for Digital Agency, like our company.
This is a marketing automation toolhubspot Holiday Season Landing Page example

HOLIDAY HUB and Cyber ​​Monday CountDown

In addition, we will put the last push through the basket falling email and remarketing campaign.

This isBanan Republic and UNIQLO's Cyber ​​Monday e -mail magazine example


During the BFCM, just saying the last push, "Is this the last but I don't have to buy it?"

This is a 30% OFF of 30% at the beginning of DIESEL BLACK Friday, and finally 50% off Christmas.

Regarding conversions by channel, Email is one of the highest conversion channels, and we will create a significant understanding of how to launch LP and products to the client to greatly affect the sales of Holiday season.
Compared to other campaigns, one e -mail magazine often takes about twice as much man -hours.

For consultation on HOLIDAY SEASON's promotionHerePlease contact us.

La Office's CHIEF CUTE OFFICER MIMI is waiting for you.

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