You can do it with Klaviyo! How to create a creative email newsletter design?

by Miyu Imasato


This is one of the most popular email delivery apps among Shopify apps. It has been designated by Shopify as a ``recommended email marketing tool'' for Shopify Plus, and it not only has a sufficient set of functions necessary for email distribution, but also has a wide variety of Shopify apps that can be linked.
It is also possible to display a restock notification form when an item is out of stock, or to automatically send an email notification to those who have entered the restock notification form when the item is back in stock.

This time, we will show you how to create creative designs with Klaviyo, which is not only functional but also excellent in design!

Rich design templates

Klaviyo has many well-designed templates, so you can start creating emails from your favorite template to suit your purpose.

Also, since it is intuitive and easy to customize, you can easily create an e-mail newsletter without any code.

You can also create templates from scratch.

Klaviyo has a large number of design templates, but you can also create your own original designs using any template from scratch.

If you want to create a design that enhances your brand by selecting colors and images that match your brand, or if you want to reproduce your email newsletter design in Klaviyo after migrating to Shopify, you can create a design full of originality by freely customizing the template. It is possible to create.

Another point is that you can use default sections and create them intuitively with no code.

Points to enhance your design

POINT1: Font selection

Klaviyo comes with a wide variety of fonts by default, but you may want to choose a font that matches your brand image or product.

Since you can add fonts to Klaviyo, you can select your favorite font and use it in your designs without any code.

POINT2: Tone & Manners

With Klaviyo, you can make detailed settings such as color codes, so you can unify the tone and manner of your website and email newsletter. It is convenient because you can use the logo used on your site in your email newsletter, and you can also set the color of buttons and fonts without any code.


We introduced how to create creative email newsletter designs with Klaviyo.

At GO RIDE, we can take care of everything from email newsletter distribution design to flow creation, analysis, and operation.

Please feel free to contact us first!

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