Working in Amami Oshima

by keigo matsunari

What I was staying was for the northernmost area of ​​Amami Oshima.

You can arrive in about 15 minutes from the airport.

You can go from north to south in about 4 hours by car, so if you do your best, you can go around in one day.

I grew up in Shonan, so I thought the sea was in the south, so on the island surrounded by the sea, I couldn't get a sense of direction until I got used to it.

It's perfect now ◎

The beach area is located east in the beach area, so you can worship the morning sun.

Even those who are not good at morning can wake up with the sunlight.🌅

You can feel the life of such an islanders who enjoy drinking at night, waking up early in the morning and working hard.

This time, the waves were really small as I thought there was the most waves so far, but I could play a little long board during the morning time at the tide. The water is transparent and the turtle is out of the neck, so it is comfortable just to enter.

You can see the turtle in snorkeling🐢

I can't find any photos that have a feeling of working ...

Here is only one of my friends taken while remotely from Amami last March.

I carry a monitor that can be output only with a type C cable, and use it on the day of the company or on a remote work.

The timing happened to be overlapped and I participated in a village event called August dance!

The August dance will be held in August of the lunar calendar, praying for the rich harvest.

It is a traditional event in Amami Oshima.

I enjoyed dancing with a smile, regardless of age. I have a valuable experience.

When you are on the island, the time passes in no time.

Not only the wonderfulness of nature, but also the warmth of people is the most attractive.

It is an island where there are people who want to meet again and you will be happy.

Thank you for the remote work system that allows you to work flexibly.

Keigo matsunari

Keigo matsunari

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