Who is the beach? Lunada Bay Boys hut is demolished

California is very open, so I think there is almost no surf point called so -called Japan like Japan. Of course, there are points that are not commonly known, and there are some things to pioneer, but there is no suddenly saying, "It's not local!" Since it is not, I think that there are many people who have the air to enjoy together. Only in such an open California surf scene? It is said that this Lunada Bay (Lunada Bay) has been said to have a strong local color. I have never surfed here, but this break condition improves in the first place about 20 days a year. As far as the video is seen, it is speculated that it is a spot that can be surfed only when an oversized swell is entered with a deep water break with a lot of water. Until now, it has been a collision between local and visitor in this place for 40 years, but the other day, it was finally a group lawsuit and it was a fuss! The plaintiffs seemed to have filed a group lawsuit in search of open access to the beach (anyone can access the beach and surf). Although it has been featured in the media a lot, there are many critical of local. The areas where this break is located in a wealthy area called Palos Verdes is the Trust Fund Baby Bullies (as Ikigaku Toba who can go without a parent). It is featured. The hut, which was a symbol of their authority the other day, was depleted and destroyed as a structure that occupies the beach. I would like to report again about this matter.

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